70 Year-Old Man Crushed, Killed by Security Truck Driver in Financial District

A reader sent in this photo of the crash that killed a man this afternoon on Broad Street.

At least two pedestrians were pinned by a pickup truck used as a movable security barrier on Broad Street near the New York Stock Exchange at approximately 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. One of the pedestrians, an unidentified 70 year-old man, has died. NY1 is reporting that the victim was a NYSE security guard who was eating lunch when the crash occurred.

Police say a woman was taken to New York Downtown Hospital with scraped knees after jumping out of the way. According to eyewitness reports, at least one other pedestrian had an injured leg.

The pickup trucks are moved to allow other vehicles to continue up Broad Street from Beaver Street at a security checkpoint. Gothamist is reporting that the drivers of the trucks, which are used when the security barriers are broken, have a reputation for dangerous behavior.

The driver in today’s crash, a 50 year-old man employed by T&M Protection Resources, a security company contracted by NYSE, remained on the scene and has not been charged with anything. NYPD says that no criminality is suspected. “Looks like an accident,” an NYPD spokesperson told Streetsblog. Because the crash resulted in a death, NYPD’s Accident Investigation Squad is investigating.

“Not sure if the pictures show it,” our tipster writes, “but there’s a large puddle of blood next to the wall. Having those trucks pull in and out of the path has always seemed like a bad idea.”

  • Eric McClure

    Nothing about trucks on the streets of New York City makes me feel the least bit secure.

    Condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

  • Damn bike lanes!

  • Anonymous

    Is anybody worried that now that the bollards aren’t working and that the trucks aren’t going to be used, that now is the prime time for a terrorist attack or OWS?  


    NYPD’s priorities. 

  • KillMoto

    The hood is buckled.  Must have been going pretty damn fast to do that.  WTF?!?!?

  • Daphna

    It bothers me that an NYPD spokesperson would already be saying “looks like an accident” when an investigation is still ongoing and just barely started.

    It also bothers me that just because the driver did not intentionally maim or kill, that the term “accident” is attached, and charges are almost never brought.  Even if unintentional, the driver should still be held accountable for his/her error.  Driver error, whether from distraction, fatigue, carelessness, impatience or lack of skill, should have a penalty and not just be explained as an “accident” with “no criminality suspected.”

  • vnm

    They should use cranes, back-hoes, cement mixers, or fork lifts as temporary security barriers. That way in an event like this, the operator would be prosecuted for criminally negligent homicide.

  • Kevin Giant

    Of course, if one of the struck pedestrians had been a NYPD officer, the driver would be facing homicide charges.  One law for the police, another law for us peasants. 

  • IvoryJive

    Totally embarrassing that after spending tens of millions of dollars redesigning those streets after 9/11, the city still has a makeshift security checkpoint that, in predictably pedestrian-hostile fashion, employs metal barricades and large trucks. What more would you expect from our city’s imported police army that treats the sidewalks as parking lots, the streets as highways, and drunk driving laws as a doormat? Broad Street is a failed attempt at trying to make a decent pedestrian environment out of an anti-terror security mandate. I could not imagine any world city making a less inviting place out of one of their most important historical and economic landmarks. It has been ruined by a shoddy array of operational controls including half the street being “occupied” by the stock exchange with no public access. Today’s totally avoidable accident shows just how sorry it’s become. Current tally – terrorist-caused injuries on Broad Street: 0, anti-terror security-caused injuries on Broad Street: 3. Are we really safer?

  • fdr

    Those trucks just have to move a few feet to clear the way for another vehicle to pass them. They shouldn’t be going more than 5 mph, if that. The driver must have floored it. Unbelievable.

  • Robby

    I was ten feet away from the NYSE vehicle when it crushed the victim against the side of the building. I want to commend the bravery and compassion of the woman that knelt down and held him in her arms until the ambulance arrived. As the victim was placed on the gurney the EMT was applying CPR in an attempt to keep him alive. God Bless the woman that stayed with him until the end.

  • NYC Political terrorism deaths in 2011: 0

    NYC Motorist terrorism deaths in 2011: 237

    Time to shift some of that anti-terrorism funding to where we need it.

  • Real New Yorker

    Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly: Can we please stop pretending that terrorists and guns are the biggest threat to the average, man-on-the-street New Yorker? Motor vehicles are, without question, the biggest most terrifying threat to me and my kids walking down the street, trying to live our lives in New York City. Motor vehicles driven by security personnel are the most threatening of all.

  • Real New Yorker

    Hey Steve Vaccaro: Who at the NYSE or the Downtown Alliance is responsible for buying and setting up a Chevy Avalanche as a “security barricade?” Can we please sue the crap out of these people? 

  • Guest

    Let me get this straight… if an air traffic controller makes an error and two aircraft end up within 200 feet of each other, that’s such a big deal it’s all over the news and it’s a priority investigation.

    But when drivers actually kill and maim due to their negligence, it’s no big deal?  No investigation or discipline necessary?

  • Anonymous

    “Looks like an accident?”  Disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    @fd65b7db4767019ea9bf750afbac4a94:disqus  You’re going to have a hard time getting anyone to listen to your (entirely reasonable) point with all the (also entirely reasonable) coverage gun violence has been getting lately.

    FWIW, the Gothamist article mentioned that the driver was a retired” NYPD lieutenant.  (Must be sweet to be able to retire at 50 with a full pension.)  SHOCKING that they didn’t find any wrongdoing there.


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