Eyes on the Street: Return of the Guerrilla Separated Bike Lane

Photo: Ian Dutton

Brooklyn’s new guerrilla bike lane has a life of its own.

Last week we shared some pictures of a makeshift separated bike lane on the block of Bergen Street between Sixth Avenue and Flatbush Avenue, which is usually blocked by NYPD squad cars from the 78th Precinct. Enterprising local resident Ian Dutton had re-purposed some plastic construction posts to keep the cop cars out, and it worked until Con-Ed had to use the posts to steer traffic around some utility work again.

But lo and behold, after a weekend of heavy construction on this block, the posts are back protecting the bike lane, and there are more of them than ever. Ian says it wasn’t him this time. Either some beneficent Con-Ed workers are keeping an eye out, or there’s a new livable streets vigilante in town.

  • Ben Kintisch

    Cones keep us safer than cops.

  • Can we get some of those on Jay st near metro tech?

  • J

    Physical separation works. Paint does not. This should be the standard way bike lanes are installed, especially near police and fire stations.

  • Robert

    Ok, now somebody get the crazy glue. 

  • Larry

    Or a nail gun.

  • Anonymous

    Because cones are smarter than cops.

  • Danny G

    @twitter-17161346:disqus, I think it would be appropriate for Jay Street between Tillary Street and the Fulton Mall to have a center median bikeway (like Sands Street between Gold Street and the Manhattan Bridge), but interspersed with bulbed-out crosswalks every 150 feet.

  • Nathanael

    Isn’t this interesting.  First LA’s Department of DIY, and now the same in Brooklyn… and in Brooklyn, it’s protecting the citizens from scofflaw *cops*.  There’s a trend here: Government officials had better start shaping up if they wish to remain relevant.  People are quite willing to organize their own governments if they have to.

  • T Hudson

    The NYPD is now just moving the barriers and continuing to illegally park in the bike lane at that intersection: http://www.flickr.com/photos/osr/7671000812

  • Guest

    There is no excuse for such blatant illegal activities as the one shown by @cb8fc369f939c23a8931d6bec1ec56a2:disqus .

    If an officer finds it necessary to obstruct traffic (that is what he is doing by parking in the bicycle lane), he still has an obligation to do it as safely as possible (which would almost certainly be to encroach on a general purpose lane instead).

    This is pure hostility toward the public, putting us at risk because of their own egos.  It is a testament to the cowardice of the DAs and our politicians that they are allowed to behave like such lawless thugs!


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