Tonight: Voices of Support Needed for Midtown Bike Lanes

Image: ## DOT##

Anyone who rides a bike in Midtown Manhattan, or plans to once bike-share comes online this summer, should be interested in tonight’s Community Board 6 meeting.

A full board vote is scheduled this evening on four new pairs of crosstown bike lanes planned for 39th to 55th Streets. Though the lanes would consist of no more than thermoplast on pavement, and will be broken up by sharrows, from what we hear local NIMBYs have it in their heads that the project will impede emergency vehicle movement. A significant show of opposition is expected.

DOT will also be on hand for a bike-share presentation. Note: According to CB 6, the bike-share presentation won’t be happening tonight.

Tonight’s meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at NYU Medical Center, 550 First Ave., Alumni Hall A.

  • Anonymous

    One guy warned of the bike-terrorism connection.  Told of how bikes were used in a terrorist attack in India.

  • Anonymous

    Terrorists involved in certain attacks have been known to wear shoes and walk on the sidewalk. Let’s ban those too! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, qrt145.  And in an unnecessary breach of CBs’ usually good decorum, I couldn’t help but blurt out “ever heard of car bombs?”  That was the same reaction I had to when Marcia Kramer took the Absurdism of the Year Award with her, “OMG, they’re putting a bike lane near the Israeli Embassy!”

  • Ben Kintisch

    ddartley – absurdism aside, what was the actual result of the meeting?

  • Mike

    What is the actual reasoning behind the claim that this would impede emergency vehicles?

  • There was a yes vote at the meeting last night.

  • Jesse Greene

    Bicycles Only,

    If you put a bike lane in then drivers have no choice but to double-park in it which in turn impedes emergency vehicles.  So you see, it’s the bike lane’s fault.

  • Jesse Greene

    oops that was for Mike.


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