Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg: Better Bike Lanes, Not Frivolous Helmet Laws, the Key to Safer Cycling (Transpo Nation)
  • DOT to Expand Program to Speed Midtown Traffic; Cue Times Ped Plaza Dig
  • Cuomo’s Convention Center Stalls, But Advos Still Hope for Rockaways Rail Revival (Capital)
  • Bus Riders in Carroll Gardens and Red Hook Lobby for Return of B77 (DNA)
  • TLC Looking Into Apps That Allow Riders to Hail Cabs With Phones (Post)
  • Harlem Residents Enter Negotiations With Scofflaw Dirt Bikers (DNA)
  • Rockaway Building Worker Helping Jump-Start Van Killed When Driver Hits the Gas (News)
  • Family of Timothy Keith, Boy Killed by Cab Driver, Raising Money to Pay for Funeral (KWTX)
  • FreshDirect Takes Advantage of Lax Parking Enforcement, Sets Up Shop on Tribeca Street (DNA)
  • CB 2 Chair Brad Hoylman Seen as Heir Apparent to Tom Duane’s State Senate Seat (DNA)
  • Code-Savvy Teen Ticketed for Sidewalk Unicycling Says He’ll Beat the Rap (Post)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    This is interesting.  The are shutting down a Chicago subway line for five months rather than doing construction on weekends over four years.

    “At a press conference, Mr. Emanuel was peppered with questions about why such a key artery would have to be completely closed — even on workdays. He replied that CTA President Forrest Claypool and Chairman Terry Peterson convinced him that getting the work done fast would minimize overall disruption and save $75 million for other system repairs.”

    “With questions continuing, Mr. Emanuel ended up quoting former President John F. Kennedy: “To govern is to choose.” In this case, the choice was to “get the work done.”

  • Guest

    “They make a loud ‘Bing!’ noise every time they scan something.”  Shut up.  Just, really, get over yourself and SHUT UP!

    So many issues we need the NYPD to address, and, unfortunately, these crying babies will probably actually will pull the right strings and get attention to their “bing” while other communities don’t get a basic level of enforcement and pedestrians continue to get mowed down…

  • Andrew

    @afe39426ed830fa3a54e7065a43a60e1:disqus If you’ve never lived or worked adjacent to a Fresh Direct “home base,” consider yourself fortunate. Those trucks are loud. Degaeta has every right to complain.

  • Guest

    Sure, @Andrew_J_C:disqus , people can complain about any nonsense they want.
    But I don’t have to sit back and endure this two-class treatment in NYC silently. 

    No!  I do not consider myself “fortunate” to live in a neighborhood where the NYPD refuses to enforce any noise ordinances at all.  We have much, much worse problems, and the precinct closes out 311 complaints with false statements without ever driving down the block.

    We have many other quality of life violations the city refuses to address, many cause directly by City agencies themselves.

    But this guy who already enjoys much better service in his privileged neighborhood should leverage connections to get even more resources while my neighborhood is told that nothing is possible because of buget cuts.  Am I really supposed to silently agree that his problem deserves the attention of the NYPD, while we get nothing?

    Heck no!  I want the NYPD to address real safety issues first.  Then they need to provide equitable quality of life enforcement for all the City’s citizens.

    I am not sitting by quietly and accepting second-class treatment from the City of New York and NYPD… or from other commenters on Streetsblog!

  • Andrew

    @7d84473213f40db0d63aa6432f2eddae:disqus Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your objection. I’ve had similar problems to you with 311 complaints, in multiple boroughs. If Degaeta succeeds in his quest, good for him! If not, at least he got the issue into the press. Either way, the exposure makes it a tiny bit more likely that the next complainant will also succeed.

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