William Boney Killed in Brooklyn, Driver Charged With Manslaughter

The motorist accused of fatally striking a Brooklyn pedestrian while driving drunk this weekend will be charged with manslaughter, Streetsblog has learned.

At around 12:34 a.m. Sunday, William Boney, 49, was crossing Atlantic Avenue at Troy Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant when he was struck by a Lincoln Navigator driven by Carmelo Galloway, 39, according to reports. Boney was declared dead on arrival at Kings County Hospital.

One person who saw the crash said Galloway was accelerating through the intersection to beat the light. Police said he continued driving until stopped by witnesses. From the Daily News:

“The man just came out of this lounge and was crossing the street and the car ran a red light,” said the eyewitness, Donna Roseboro, 48. “He picked up speed. He was trying to make the light and he hit him as the man crossed the street.”

Roseboro said she ran over to try to help the victim, whose contorted body lay in Atlantic Ave., but it was too late.

“His body was all twisted up. He was just laying there,” she said. “He had his eyes open but he wasn’t moving. He did that last gasp for breath and he was gone.”

Initial coverage indicated that Galloway was charged only with DWI. A charge of second degree vehicular manslaughter is forthcoming, according to the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes.

William Boney was the 49th pedestrian or cyclist known killed in New York City traffic this year.

  • Ben Kintisch

    I am saddenned to hear that another neighbor in Bedfor-Stuyvesant has died in our streets. Anyone who has attempted to cross Atlantic Avenue, even with the pedestrian signal, knows what a scary street it is – cars and trucks zoom well above the speed limit day and night. On both sides of Brooklyn’s version of the Boulevard of Death are thousands of residential streets, so you can’t easily avoid crossing it. Everyone who lives in Brooklyn should be in touch with our local D.O.T. to demand a re-engineering of this road to protect residents on either sides.

  • Richard

    On behalf of Williams co-workers and employers, I wish to extend our deepest sympathy to his family and loved ones. This is such a horrible tragedy that could have been avoided. Please, don’t drink and drive. Too many lives have been lost already. Blessings to lost ones, may they rest in peace.

  • Jjamison99

    I knew Boney for weeksvile garden and it is so sad this happened, I never liked that street ( Atlantic Ave) because before you get to cross the street the light is changing, and cars do not stop. There was so many people hit by cars on that street and something need to be done about it. My deepest Sympathy goes out to the Boney family

  • Slaytonc

    about a year ago my son was hit by a car crossing Atlantic ave. thank God he wasn’t hurt too bad. i was deeply saddened to hear that a neighbor of mine was not as lucky on Atlantic ave. My wife & I would like to send our condolences to the Boney family, we knew him and we know his mom.
    Sorry For Your loss.
                                                                                                      La’Shunda & Chris from 13_A

  • Becky Hill99

    R.I.P. “JUSTICE”

  • nyreebk718

    im so angry and so mad that this happen and to whom it happen to. Justice was a uncle to me and i will miss him so, i will not be able to hear his voice way up the block, when we come to vist ny no more ,or that bright smile that everyone loves, im so saddend……please dont drink and drive, its not safe,, it kills and it something that is so preventable, and lets not forget SPEEDING.  two people life is gone my (uncle justice)and the driver of the car cause now you will rot in JAIL asshole.

  • Njstinkanat

    William Boney “Will” was Fiancée. I am still asking someone to wake me up from this dream. I still can’t believe my future is gone. We had so many plans to accomplish. In August we were going on a cruise to official get engage we were so excited about our future plans. It hurts when you can’t hear the person you love call your name and tell you that you are beautiful. It hurts not being able to hold the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with because someone decides to drink and drive and take their life.  I will never be able to hear my baby at 5:15am every morning say Beautiful wake up I am hear and rub my back. I miss my hourly phones call just to make sure I am doing ok.  I Miss him so much.  Only if the driver could wait for the light to change I will still have my love with me here today.