Today’s Headlines

  • Independent Federal Report: Chris Christie Lied About ARC Tunnel (NYT)
  • Paint Already On The Ground For New Prospect Park Loop Design (Bklyn Spoke)
  • More Momentum For Bike-Share: They’re Hiring (Cyclists Int’l)
  • Town of Hempstead to Vote on Complete Streets Policy Today (Newsday)
  • Manhattan’s Free Parking Doubles As Hoarder’s Storage Unit (Post)
  • Deborah Glick’s Speed Camera Legislation Gets Attention From Capital NY
  • New Subway Data Confirms: Times Square Popular, Mets Not So Much (AMNY)
  • Meet Next Year’s Cars: High-Tech Features Debut At NY Auto Show (Wired)
  • FASTRACK Maintenance Program Spreads From Manhattan To Queens (Kabak)

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  • Ben from Bedstuy

    The G.A.O. report confirms what so many of us suspected. Christie wanted to do whatever it took to save himself from raising taxes. In the meantime, another generation of New Jersey commuters will be stuck with train delays. New Jersey continues to grow in population density, and there will be steadily growing transportation demands. So, to review, kill a much-needed project, pilfer the funds to keep gasoline cheap, and you become a Republican hero.

  • Anonymous

    Just a warning to everybody.  Copsicles are out ticketing in full force today.  I saw them on 6 and 33, be careful out there.

  • Bolwerk

    “The bottom line is that the G.A.O. report simply bears out what we said
    in the fall of 2010 and say to this day: the ARC project was a very,
    very bad deal for New Jersey,” [Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak] added, using the acronym for the
    project, known as Access to the Region’s Core.

    You have to hand it to Republikans.  Once they start telling a lie, they stick to it. It’s also delightful that he doesn’t want to take responsibility for a problem largely created by his own state’s commuters:

    The governor said when he canceled the project that he hoped New York City or federal officials would find another solution

    I’d say it’s nice to let them stew in their own juices, but New Jersey congestion actually increases the costs of New York consumer goods.

  • Brick

    @scofflaw_cyclist:disqus , that intersection seems to be the new hot spot for tickets.
    I was ticketed there last week for crossing the intersection before the bike light (came to a stop, let all the cars and peds go, then hopped through), and saw what I assume was the same thing happening between 34th and 35th on 6th this morning.

    Makes me jealous of those cyclists with helmet mirrors.