Safety Fix for Prospect Park Entrance on the Agenda at CB 14 Tonight

Neighborhood residents who've fought for a safer intersection at Parkside and Ocean cheered DOT's plan when the agency unveiled it in December.

We have a late breaking addition to the Streetsblog calendar. Tonight the transportation committee of Brooklyn Community Board 14 will be discussing DOT’s plan to add more pedestrian space and realign the intersection of Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue at the southeast entrance to Prospect Park [PDF]. The redesign will be made possible by relocating a park loop entrance for cars from this intersection to Lincoln Road. An average of 20 people are injured in traffic at this location every year, and the project is expected to cut that number in half.

Neighborhood residents campaigned long and hard for safety improvements here, but Community Board 14 has a spotty record on livable streets. If you live in the area and want to see this project move forward, tonight’s meeting gets underway at 7:00 at 810 East 16th Street, by Avenue H.

  • Benjaminkintisch

    This is a beautiful re-design. Next up – let’s get bike lanes to ring the entire park.That includes Parkside and Ocean Ave. both. Let’s get workin’ people…

  • Station44025

    PPW SW too!! It’s absurd that the great lanes at Park Circle don’t connect to the PPW lane and the rest of Brooklyn.

  • Marina

    Thank you, Streetsblog and Ben, for the heads up. I recently moved to the area and was very happy to know about and be able to attend tonight’s CB 14 meeting. Overall, residents in attendance as well as CB members were supportive of the redesign, although a couple of them, including the co-chair expressed concern and displeasure over closing of the East Drive entrance.

    I was able to state my support as well as bring up a somewhat related issue of lack of intersections/crosswalks connecting Parade Grounds with the park on Parkside Ave. Both DOT and CB members were receptive to taking on this issue.

  • I don’t see how they can close the entrance to Prospect Park there.  It is the ONLY entrance to the park for service and constructions vehicles.

  • Tyler

    Chicken — There is another entrance just up the street.

  • kevd

    The plans are for Lincoln road to connect to the parking lot for the new Wolman rink…. I mean “Lakeside” are all detailed on the Prospect Park web site.
    This plan will remove cars from the PP loop between the Parkside and Ocean entrance and the Lincoln road exit, where they are currently allowed in order to enter the rink parking lot.  Do you see now how they can close it, Chicken Underwear?

  • Daniel

    I live on Ocean Ave and am disappointed to see little change to the bike infrastructure at this intersection. The neighborhood is changing and I have been seeing more and more bikes up and down Ocean Ave, and crossing at this intersection to get in to the park can be pretty dangerous!


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