How to Make Your Own Free Parking Near the Atlantic Yards Site

Via Norman Oder at Atlantic Yards Report, here’s a variety of parking scofflaw that we’ve never come across before on Streetsblog.

In the video, an early morning car commuter, presumably someone working on the nearby Barclays Center arena project, apparently decides that the last parking space on this block of Pacific Street (between Sixth Avenue and Carlton Avenue) is too small to accommodate his SUV, so he makes his own free parking by uprooting a No Standing sign. Oder says the vandalism and flouting of parking regs is symptomatic of the un-monitored violations around the Atlantic Yards construction zone, including trucks double-parking and idling.

This isn’t the first time that Atlantic Yards workers have torn out this particular No Standing sign, thereby adding about four or five illegal on-street spaces, according to Atlantic Yards Watch. In fact, the maker of this video predicted that the sign “would be destroyed within one day of installation again,” and he was right.

And you thought placards were the ultimate in free parking entitlement.

  • Danny G

    “No Criminality!”

  • dporpentine

    If the tabloids pick this up, their commenters will praise this guy as a hero. And Marty Markowitz will ask what choice the guy had, given how bike lanes have taken away “much” of the borough’s parking.

  • J

    The planters in the video seem to be more effective at enforcing parking regulations that the NYPD.

    This is why we need bollards on sidewalks around all police precincts, fire stations, and construction sites. If the authorities refuse to enforce the rules, then how can they be trusted to enforce them. The city should make it physically impossible for NYPD and others to break the rules. At the newly improved intersection of Grand and Washington, bollards prevent Police from parking on the sidewalk at the actual corner where the work took place. Immediately past the bollards, though, police park on the sidewalk. There is a lesson here.

  • Eric McClure

    Wait ’til this fall when Nets fans and other arena-goers discover this method of self-created free parking. Something to loo forward to.

  • Banana Republic

    Welcome to Moscow.

  • Smurfbob

    Ten minutes of watching someone park seems like a lot to ask.

  • Anonymous

    This is so insanely lawless, it boggles my law-abiding mind.  And remember this is a few short blocks from the 78th precinct!

  • Bindele

    this sociopath is capable of anything.  they should run his fingerprints through the system


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