Open Thread: How Was Your Commute?

##!/howiewolf##Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson## reported a smooth ride to work.

Despite severe weekend flooding, city transit was for the most part up and running by the morning rush. Meanwhile, cyclists are tweeting on bike route conditions.

Did you make it to work today? How did you get there? We’d also like to hear commute stories from anyone who worked or volunteered during the storm.

Please, talk amongst yourselves.

Addendum: Central Park is the domain of pedestrians and cyclists until further notice (h/t @mikepstein).

  • Mrlomez

    One of those extremely satisfying days to be a bike commuter (Park Slope to Lower Manhattan).  Also a stark reminder of the importance of public transit and other non-private-car modes of transportation.  Not sure how many additional vehicles were at the river crossings, but it looked like it was really slow going on the brooklyn bridge.  My instinct is that a few thousand additional cars has a huge impact on travel times.

  • My commute from Brooklyn was quieter than usual this morning. Lots of people are staying home or are on vacation.

    The Port Authority seemed to have more cabs than usual.  That’s about it.

    My advice to @eunicortiz:disqus: if you see a fallen tree, stop pedaling.

    (All snark aside, that’s one of the great things about cycling.  If something is blocking your path, you can usually get around it — even if it means walking on the sidewalk for a few feet.)

  • Seriously … “not sure about fallen trees” seems an extremely odd reason to not bike!

    There are probably none, but if there are some, it’s almost certainly not a problem to avoid them on a bike (whereas a car may have a bigger problem).

  • Mike Epstein

    @mikepstein not @mikeepstein 

    As I commented on the headlines thread, it was a dream of a day — great weather and low traffic — except for the jerks parked in the Bowery “detour”, about which NYC DOT clearly still has not gotten serious.  The “detour” theoretically exists for 15 hours a week, there’s nothing at all for 153 hours a week, and even when it theoretically exists, half of it is still full of parked cars and trucks, with zero enforcement.  One of the jerks today was a guy sitting and texting in a DOT meter division van.

  • Biked to work today without any problem.

  • Fixed. Thanks Mike.

  • dporpentine

    Biked today and biked quite a bit on Saturday.
    The city’s lovely when it’s not choked with cars.

  • carma

    commuted by subway.. emptier than usual at 6:30am.  then transferred to my nj transit bus.  same as usual.

  • David_K

    I biked from BedStuy to mid-town.  Great ride, but it didn’t seem to me that the streets were any lighter w/car traffic.

  • Anonymous

    Biked from Crown Heights to mid-town. Eastern Pkwy is interesting with the fallen branches obstacle course that was installed yesterday. Otherwise, it’s the same as usual.

  • Man do hate twitter. Just looking at the screenshot… ug.

  • fj

     Accelerating waves of extreme weather demand agility, zero carbon & restoration at wartime speed


    bikes fit the bill



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