Today’s Headlines

  • America, Where We Cross Our Fingers and Pray for Cheap Gas to Stimulate the Economy (NYT)
  • Sadik-Khan Previews Bike-Share — “a Convenient and Affordable Way to Get Across Town” — for Slate
  • Could Higher Port Authority Tolls Lead to Rational Road Pricing All Over NYC? (City Hall)
  • After Playing Shell Games With Port Authority Funds, Christie Attacks Ward Over Toll/Fare Plan (Post)
  • Sources Say Christie and Cuomo Knew to Expect the Plan; Menendez Calls for Veto (Bergen Record)
  • Post: $4 Hudson River Toll Hike “Grotesque”
  • Bloomberg: No Opinion on PA Tolls (Daily Politics)
  • Brighton Beach Car Owners Threaten to Cruise for Parking After Muni Lot Rate Hike (News)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Who Put Bloomberg Aide in Permanent Coma Gets 4-Year Max Sentence (News)
  • Driver Injures Pedestrian Near Sidewalk-Nibbling 96th Street Subway Station (DNAinfo)
  • As If NYPD Didn’t Already Let NYC Drivers Get Away With Murder… (Post)

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  • Mark Walker

    The driver who hit the pedestrian at Broadway and 95th was apparently moving fast enough to shatter the windshield. With fast road-enraged traffic barreling onto and off of the Henry Hudson Parkway, this area is badly in need speed bumps and other forms of traffic calming.

  • guest

    Did CNN scoop you guys!?

    I think we need a tank/bike alliance in this town… 

  • Larry Littlefield

    Using less gasoline could also stimulate the economy, as whatever was purchased with the money saved from lower gasoline consumption would probably have a greater domestic content.

    In fact, that kind of economic shift is probably the only way out.

  • Jeremy

    @m_walker:disqus I’m not convinced that the West Side Highway traffic has anything to do with the severity of this incident in particular.  It sounds like the driver was travelling southbound on Broadway.

    And although the 96th St intersection is a mess, 95th really isn’t confusing at all.  However, there is terrible visibility on that southbound side at the station exit.  I’d bet that either the driver or the pedestrian ran the light, and neither had much time to react.

    Speed bumps at that location on Broadway are completely inappropriate, but enforcement is desperately needed.  Unfortunately, 24th Precinct do not want to get out of their airconditioned cars under any circumstances, so progress seems unlikely.

  • Charles_Siegel

    “that kind of economic shift”

    I had to reread the pullquote a couple of times before I realized that Larry said “shift” rather than a similar word that is a good description of the current economy.

  • OMG I’m drooling over the City Hall piece that says that the  Gridlock Sam Schwartz’s “rational” toll plan is being considered by regional transportation officials.

             “Lower the tolls on … all the connections between the boroughs other than the central business        
             district,” Schwartz said. “And put tolls up where we need them, at the four East River bridges          
             and the 60th Street screen.”                                                                            
             Schwartz calculates his plan would generate almost $1.9 billion, which could pay for road and           
             bridge repairs as well as to improve mass transit throughout the city – solving the MTA’s               
             dilemma of how to pay for its long-term needs.                                                    

  • Larry Littlefield

    “I had to reread the pullquote a couple of times before I realized that Larry said “shift” rather than a similar word that is a good description of the current economy.”

    This isn’t a short-term recession, it’s the end of a 30-year debt-driven consumer spending epoch, with a portion of the excess spending over earnings on fuel we don’t product.  We can’t afford it anymore.

    From Reuters:

    “Chinese state media on Monday blamed Washington’s huge military spending and global footprint for the crisis that led to the U.S. debt rating downgrade, calling for an end to the foreign “domineering” dragging down its economy.”

    “Sharpening their rhetoric over the economic crisis that has sent markets into a tailspin, the Chinese state-run media lambasted both Europe and the United States for the dysfunctions of their democracies and their unsustainable appetite for spending.”

    “The Xinhua news agency also warned the United States against trying to boost exports and growth by letting the dollar weaken, which would have a dramatic impact on China as about 70 percent of its massive reserves stockpile is invested in dollar assets.”

    Hey China, we’ve run a trade deficit for 30 years, something that is only possible because we went deeper and deeper into debt.  And the dollar would have collapsed to stop it if others didn’t act to prevent this.

    So it we are to stop our “unsustainable appetite for spending” rather than exporting to pay for it, what should we buy less of?  Stuff made in China, or something else?  And what has driven our entanglement in the part of the world that you call foreign domineering?  Perhaps a black liquid commodity that has China getting entangled there as well?

    “The unusually blunt attack on the West probably reflected concern among Chinese leaders, facing pressure from popular opinion and the media, to deflect blame for any negative fall-out of the crisis on the country’s holdings of U.S. assets.”

    China is still a much poorer country than the U.S., and has actually saved to meet the needs of its aging population.  Unfortunately for them, the invested in U.S. assets.  And rather that plant and equipment, infrastructure, etc, those “assets” are merely promises to live poorer in the future (or have the next generation live poorer, for government debt) in exchange for “live richly” in the past.

    What took S&P so long?

  • carma

    Larry, I dont know what took s&p so long.
    although i dont necessary agree w/ the decision as it did bring spook to the market.  it was something that was inevitable.

    look, we cant keep spending our way out of debt.  as much as liberals keep wanting to spend on any social program, the fact is that we really cant afford it.  its okay to spend in good economies.  and in fact, in a good economy, we should be investing and building. but instead we create these false jobs with the obama stimulus and spent more than any previous president in history.  unfortunately the unemployment hasnt dropped.  it raised.  why?  b/c the majority of jobs must be returned from the private sector.  but heres the kicker.  its not that our taxes are too high.  its b/c we dont produce anything anymore.  every damn CEO thinks the way to salvation is through outsourcing.  thats why there are no jobs folks.  its not obama’s fault.  its not congress.  it wasnt bush.  okay, these bunch of folks certainly didnt help.  but guess who it was.  it was the CEO’s of america who caught onto something like MBS that brought down the economy in 2008, and its the samn damn CEO’s who continue to outsource everything to china/india/bangladesh/poland, and any other country except for the US.

    THAT is your problem w/ america.

  • Larry Littlefield

    We’re faced with a paradox of thrift.  We can’t  got into debt any more and need to cut back spending.  

    But if consumers cut back spending on things produced domestically, and we just end up with more unemployment.  Cut back on most imports, and we just hurt poorer developing countries.  Cut back on imported fossil fuels, and…well that doesn’t seem to be nearly as much of a problem.

  • Andrew

    @6b6a3fe730de2006198ee2f388021f7b:disqus @m_walker:disqus Why don’t all of the approaches to 95th/96th and Broadway have red light cameras?

    Why don’t the police hang out in the area and arrest drivers who threaten pedestrians with their cars?