Today’s Headlines

  • After Restoring Small Express Bus Routes, MTA Cuts Service on Packed 1 and 6 Trains (News)
  • Corey Kilgannon Confirms Darkest Suspicions About NY Times Windshield Perspective
  • Drunk Driver Killed Clara Heyworth, 28, in Fort Greene Earlier This Week (The Local, Observer)
  • Bklyn Paper Completely Mangles the Story About Jim Walden’s Desperate Subpoena Gambit
  • Gothamist, Post Pick Up Laurence Renard Travesty – $500 Fine For Killing Pedestrian With Right of Way
  • People You Share the Road With: Road Rage Fight Escalates Into Fatal Shooting in Queens (Post)
  • Caught on Tape: Corvette Driver Peels Off From Scene of Wreck on Grand Concourse (Animal NY)
  • Walk Signal Goes Haywire in Kensington, Gets Fixed; Rest of Coney Island Ave Still Terrifying (News)
  • Parking Rates Rise to $8/Day at S.I. Ferry Terminal; Commuters Evaluate Their Options (NY1)
  • At Least the Surface of NYC Sidewalks Will Remain an Ad-Free Zone (NYT)

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  • Albert

    Corey Kilgannon’s NYT piece reads like the elegy it is.  The days seem numbered for cars in the park and the NYT knows it.

  • kevd

    and totally reasonable, as well.  He says cars probably shouldn’t be allowed in the park.  But that for the moment they are, and its very pleasant to drive through CP to enjoy it.  Less windshield perspective than in many NYT pieces, as he actually acknowledges the needs of non drivers.

  • Kaja

    Came across this, and feel I must post it: the best troll I’ve seen in a long, long time.

    Behold its glory.

  • Joe R.

    Just more typical anti-bike boilerplate.  After a while all these diatribes sound the same-blah, blah, go through red lights, blah, blah don’t stop at stop signs, blah, blah, ride on sidewalks, blah, blah wear Lycra, etc.  The problem with all these types of articles is the top down approach they advocate (i.e. let’s keep batting cyclists over the head as they fight for scraps while cars take up most space) as opposed to bottom up (i.e. let’s build better infrastructure which is proven to largely curb undesired behavoir).  Unfortunately, the former sells papers more than the latter.

  • Pete

    Just saw on Gothamist that the Manhattan Bridge bike lane closure goes into effect on Monday?!?!

    DOT has done a *terrible* job of publicizing this.

    Worse, the plan is for riders getting off the bridge in Manhattan to get on Bowery, and then head North, *across* the Canal/Bowery/Manhattan Bridge intersection.  That’s a major disaster waiting to happen – at no point during that light cycle is it entirely safe to ride a bicycle through (cars on Bowery are *always* turning on to the bridge).

    This has received almost ZERO press or warning, and is going to be a very dangerous intersection.  Especially with the Brooklyn Bridge being effectively impassable due to pedestrian traffic during the day, there has to be a way to mitigate this.  

  • Albert

    Thanks for the heads-up!  Had no idea this was in the works.

    I agree that the narrow Brooklyn Bridge footpath is certainly one place where pedestrians & bicycles actually do not mix well, given the typical speed of many commuting bicycles on the downhills and the crush of scenery-photographing tourists (and two directions of each).  I’m constantly amazed that I’ve yet to see a collision there.

    One way to mitigate it (and help with the Manhattan Bridge situation) would be to block off a single BB car lane (say, one of the less-used Brooklyn-bound lanes in the morning) and use it for a wide 2-way protected bike lane, then switch it to one of the Manhattan-bound car lanes at evening rush hour.  And this just might be the right time to try it.  It wouldn’t have been an option years ago when the BB’s old metal road surface would have shredded bicycle tires, but it’s long been resurfaced (and no longer “sings”).  Why should private cars hog the entire nice, smooth asphalt while all those uninitiated, economy-boosting tourists have to practically walk single file pressed up against all the cyclists?