Today’s Headlines

  • NY1’s Michael Herzenberg Apes Marcia Kramer, Finds Willing Accomplice in James Vacca
  • Judge Orders New Environmental Review for Atlantic Yards Phase Two (NY1, Post, WSJ)
  • MTA Payroll Inched Up in 2010, Or: MTA Payroll Inched Up in 2010! (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • NY1 Previews Hylan Boulevard Select Bus Service, Sort Of
  • Cy Vance’s Office Allows Family Access to Video of Marilyn Dershowitz Crash (DNAinfo)
  • NYPD Provides Zero Information to Family of Chinatown Curb-Jump Victim Kok Hoe Tee (DNAinfo)
  • Bernstein and Lehrer Discuss Car-Free Central Park, Bloomberg’s “War on Cars” (Transpo Nation)
  • Security Cameras Coming to More City Buses (NY1)
  • More Must-See Times Transpo Coverage: Ticketed Drivers Don’t Like Traffic Cams
  • Cuozzo: Times Square Ped Plazas Now Too Popular

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  • J

    You missed another Cuzzo rant about Broadway bike lanes and pedestrian malls, titled “Murder on Broadway”. Although I must say that I think no one cares any more, it’s quite a gem. The Cuoz seems to be getting even more bizarre and paranoid, just like Marcia Kramer.

  • moocow

    It seems there is rat poison in the Kool-Aid.

  • Eric McClure

    Congrats to NY1 for finding another self-hating cyclist!

    At first, I thought that dude might be Jason Cusato, made famous in this classic Marcia Kramer ambulance-in-the-PPW-bike-path hit piece.

    But no, it’s a different guy — who, after he “points to danger from pedestrians on 2nd Avenue and curbside lanes getting trashed as big problems,” goes salmoning off in the final frames.

  • vnm

    The Post takes a look at data showing that toll shopping increased in 2009. Vacca  gives with a really lame populist soundbite about how people need to drive to work.

  • vnm

    Ahem.  Here’s what I meant to say. 

    The Post takes a look at data showing that toll shopping increased in 2009. Vacca  gives no indication he wants to solve the problem and comes up with a really lame populist soundbite about how people need to drive to work.

  • It’s always important to have a token cyclist in these anti-cyclist pieces and, man, does Herzenberg exploit Joseph Lawler to the hilt.

    – Lawler earns his living biking, so he can’t be anti-bike. He “loves” cycling.
    – He doesn’t even have a drivers license!
    – He’s a native New Yorker!
    – He likes some, but not all bike lanes.
    – He’s a non-expert in community boards, clearly, but that doesn’t stop him from pontificating that the community needs more input.

    Where do they find these guys?  Do the Jims (Vacca and Walden) have them on speed dial?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure the fact that the family was allowed to view the video in the Dershowitz case had nothing to do with their prominence or with their being lawyers, etc. It’s just what happens in a city this devoted to fairness!

  • J

    It appears that NYCDOT has posted a response to this article on the front page of their website, citing facts about Broadway above 47th Street. Jokes on them, though. The Cuoz doesn’t care about facts.

  • Vaild

    Does Recycle-A-Bicycle really support their employees using their shop and cache to oppose bike lanes? Perhaps streetsblog should ask them.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully some good will come of it…

  • First Time Caller

    It’s deeply unfortunate that Andrea Bernstein and Brian Lehrer are so reactive and unoriginal that they thoughtlessly adopt the bogus “War on Cars” frame as the starting point for their discussion. Regardless of whatever counterpoints they may bring up, it still starts and ends as a conversation about “Bloomberg’s War on Cars.” By adopting this New York Post talking point as the frame, Andrea and Brian are essentially allowing crazy people like Jim Walden and Andrea Peyser to set the public agenda.

    Andrea: You need to stop trying to over-compensate for your own personal bias as a card-carrying, bike-riding, city-loving, progressive. Do some original thinking and find some more honest ways to frame the conversation. For example, here’s a crazy thought: What’s the story with Jimmy Vacca and Friends’ War on Bikes and Pedestrians? In a city like NYC, what’s that all about?

  • Bolwerk

    Herzenberg maybe has a point.  We shouldn’t have bike lanes on every block. The corollary is we should not have cars on every block.

    Cuozzo, on the other hand, seems a mental break away from playing with his own poop.

  • Shemp

    It’s just unbelievable…

  • Bolwerk