Today’s Headlines

  • Bill Clinton + Times Square + “Hookers” = Media Gold
  • Accolades to NY1 for Hard-Hitting React Quotes From AAA and Comically Non-Committal Passersby
  • Queens-Based Worksman Cycles Eliminated From Contention as City Bike-Share Supplier (NY1)
  • This May Be a Record: Two Rational, Reality-Based Cycling Stories in One Day (WNYC, BBC)
  • Right on Time: Post Crank Shoehorns Anti-Bike Swipe Into Silly Rant Over Celebrity Scooters
  • MTA Assents to Relocating Greenpoint Access-A-Ride Parking Lot for Waterfront Park (News)
  • Dan Garodnick Joins Businesses, Residents in Complaint Over East Side Bus Congestion (NY1)
  • Newburgh Mother Drives Minivan Into Hudson, Killing Herself and Three Children (NYT, News, Post)
  • Oil Delivery Driver Crushed to Death by His Own Truck in the Bronx (News)
  • Cuomo Dedicated to Getting Unsafe (Commercial Bus) Drivers Off the Roads (News)

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  • If “Bikes are … lethal, demonic missiles being raced through red lights and the wrong way on one-way streets in the process of gleefully flattening innocent pedestrians from The Bronx to Bay Ridge,” then how does the Post reporter describe cars and trucks? Which 150X – 200X more pedestrians each year than bikes?

  • I think we have to do our part and educate all the cyclists out there. Need ot tell them not to run red lights and not go the wrong way down streets. Since the weather has turned warm the amount of poor cyclists has increased and injury is soon to follow.

  • Jeff

    The Post piece almost reads like something from the Bike Snob, except grounded in hateful fear and ignorance as opposed to playful wit and sarcasm (the analysis of the wingspan of a rollerblader comes to mind).

  • Tragedy about the oil-delivery driver. In the Army they make you put chock blocks under the wheels whenever you park your vehicle to avoid this kind of result.

    Also, did anyone catch NY1’s phone-in program at nine p.m. last night to hear the discussion about bike lanes? I thought the best caller was the guy who asserted that he had been taught to salmon in school, made it sound like it was back in prerevolutionary times, but he probably wasn’t much older than I was. It was safer, he said, because you could see everyone coming at you.