Correction: No Forensic Audit Required By Budget Bill

On Tuesday, we reported the state budget included a requirement for a forensic audit of the MTA. That information was incorrect. The document we took that information from was the State Senate’s one-house version of the budget bill, not the final version approved by the full legislature. The budget bill that ultimately made its way to the governor’s desk did not include any audit requirement.

  • Larry Littlefield

    All they have to do is go back through my Room Eight posts on the subject, and they have their forensic audit. Why they would want to call attention to the sources of the disaster I don’t know. Looks like colder heads prevailed.


Final Budget Deal Does Not Add to Cuomo’s Transit Raid [Updated]

The final budget agreement reached by Albany leadership will not make additional cuts to transit funding, a state budget division spokesperson confirmed this afternoon. Negotiations with the legislature did not ultimately change the total amount of transit funding from Andrew Cuomo’s executive budget, which raided $100 million from dedicated transit funds. During budget negotiations, it […]

Pressure Builds Upstate for Cuomo to Sign Transit Lockbox Bill

The transit lockbox bill, which would help safeguard dedicated transportation funds by requiring the state to disclose the impact of transit raids, still awaits a signature from Governor Cuomo following unanimous Senate and Assembly votes earlier this year. Now, two upstate newspapers are calling on the governor to sign the bill. A previous version of the […]

Transit Lockbox Passes Senate Unanimously, Needs Final Push In Assembly

This afternoon, the transit lockbox bill passed the State Senate, where it was sponsored by Brooklyn Republican Marty Golden, and according to the Senate’s twitter feed, the vote was unanimous. The legislation, which would bar the governor from raiding transit funds while raising the political cost of legislative raids through a series of disclosure requirements, […]