Don’t Let Fear of Public Speaking Keep You From Tonight’s PPW Hearing

Okay, if you’re a little hesitant about speaking in front of a packed community board hearing tonight, don’t worry. You can still register your opinion about the Prospect Park West redesign — if you show up.

We’re hearing that Park Slope Neighbors will be on hand with a sign-in sheet for supporters of the redesign, which they’ll submit to the community board. So if you’re hesitant about public speaking, or you didn’t have time to write a short statement, or you’re worried that the hearing will go on for hours before your turn at the mic, there’s still a way to speak up for safer streets and be counted.

One more time (with feeling!) — here’s where to be by 6:15 tonight:

John Jay High School
237 7th Avenue, Auditorium (between 4th/5th Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11215


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