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  • Omri

    So, it was just before 8AM that the kid was run over. Which means 1. he was speeding 2. in a school zone at school startup, and 3. he dodged that bus stop signal.

    3 breaches in a lethal crash. If the DA doesn’t press charges, this calls for demonstrations.

  • Jay

    “The number of bikers who illegally ride on the sidewalk dropped drastically from an average of 33 percent of riders in 2009 to less than 4 percent in 2010.”

    Yet… “her group claims that the bike lane is unsafe for pedestrians.”

    Are they really saying they felt safer dodging bikes on the sidewalk?

  • 20 is Plenty’ is “Americans With Disabilities Act” compatible more than other modes

  • And of course, climate change has no place in transportation advocacy

  • J. Mork

    I rode the PPW bike lane this morning (8:04 – 8:07) from GAP to 8th street today, and saw 11 cyclists (including myself) in three minutes.

    That works out to 220 an hour or 2,640 in a 12-hour period. So maybe the counts have gone up since the August.

    According to the DOT the a.m. motor vehicle peak hour was 365 vehicles per lane in 2009. It won’t take much more to have more bicycles per lane than motor vehicles per lane on PPW.

    (But opponents will probably still have a feeling that no one is using the bike lane.)