Today’s Headlines

  • Chris Christie Will Kill ARC Tunnel, For Real This Time (Star-LedgerWSJWNYC)
  • Construction Industry Dependent on Fully Funded MTA Capital Plan (Crain’s)
  • Truck Traffic Pushes New York Noise to Unhealthy Levels (Post)
  • Mother of Doored Cyclist Joins Eric Adams in Push For Driver Training (News)
  • MTA Adds Service on Express Buses, Plans New Bus Route in Bronx (WNYC)
  • NJ Transit Riders Can Now Find Next Bus With Text Message (NBC)
  • DOT Plans Ped Safety Fixes Underneath Manhattan Side of Brooklyn Bridge (DNAinfo)
  • Jimmy Vacca Calls For Easier E-Z-Pass Payment Schemes (News)
  • Anti-Terror Cameras To Bring Live Feeds From Across MTA System to Security HQ (Post)
  • Crain’s Test Drives Electric Car, Finds It’s Great for Reaching 60 MPH on Manhattan Streets

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “At present, construction companies are staying afloat largely courtesy of the continued spending from the public sector, Mr. Anderson said. Government spending on essential infrastructure such as mass transit, roads and bridges comprises 62% of total construction spending this year, which is the highest proportion since 1996. The City of New York has the highest infrastructure investment with $9 billion. In second place is the MTA with $2.6 billion, and in third is the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey with $2.1 billion.”

    Therefore, I propose freezing all new public construction contracts in New York for up to four years, or until the price of public construction falls 30 to 40 percent. We can’t afford it otherwise.

    Unlike Chris Christie, I know we need the upper half of the Second Avenue Subway, East Side Access, MetroNorth to Penn, the Flushing extension — and ongoing normal replacement and repair projects for all our infrastructure. But I also know we can’t afford it at the ever escalating prices charged, including escalation in the middle of a project.

    And by the way, cutting the scope of work is NOT the same thing as cutting costs. Neither is cutting project contingency. That’s what they do. It’s BS.

    Let the construction unions, contractors and consultants fight it out over how this can be done. BTW I’m not sure hiring foreign companies are the answer, as Skanska and Siemens are just as much a ripoff over here as the locals, regardless of what they do over there.

  • From the Vacca article: “These toll increases will pose a real hardship to senior citizens and working-class people who can’t afford an up-front charge,” Vacca said.

    Glad to see that the Chair of the City Council Transportation Committee has no idea who drives and own cars in the city. I guess he’s just another clueless politician who thinks that, because he drives everywhere, so too does everyone else.

  • Nina

    Just an fyi, last night while riding past a group of teens standing in the median on Sands Street just after 9 pm, I was clocked in the head with a baseball and basketball. No warning, no yelling, no comments, just bam.

    For the helmet fans out there, I wasn’t wearing one, but then, I hadn’t fully appreciated the danger of flying sports equipment. I did wear one this morning.

  • Doug G.

    Nina, I hope you are okay! Did you call the police? This is assault, plain and simple, and if they did it to you I’m sure they’ll do it to someone else.

  • Nina

    Thank you, Doug. Luckily, the baseball wasn’t as direct a hit as the basketball so I’m just left with a stiff neck. I saw them run off but didn’t get a good look at any of them (they waited until I passed and hit me from the back), so I didn’t think I’d have anything valuable to tell the police. Now that you mention it though, they really should be aware this happened. I’ll report it today.

  • J

    From the Crain’s article:

    “Oops. Almost hit that delivery boy on a bike. He was ignoring a red light. I was going 60. Clearly, it was time to test the brakes.”

    Disgusting. I hope they fire this writer who has so little respect for human life.

  • “Wendy Clouse is teaming up with state Sen. Eric Adams to create a proposed Jasmine Herron Law. It would change the state’s required five-hour driver education class to include lessons on how to deal with bikers, skateboarders and other users of alternative transportation.”

    I think it’s a gruesome comment on our autocentric society and apathetic state government that it requires a human sacrifice–preferably in the form of a child or a pretty young white woman–in order to bring about needed road safety improvements via a law named after the victim.

  • Larry Littlefield

    MSNBC wants to hear from 20-somethings who have chosen not to drive, presumbably to provide anecdotal evidence for an article.

    Hey Gen Yers, are you choosing not to drive?
    Are you opting out of car ownership, or not even bothering to get your license? Are you among the growing number of teens and twentysomethings who are choosing to drive less, or not at all? If so, we want to hear from you.

    Tell us your story…

  • Something needs to be done about the Crain’s article and the author.