Driver Kills 72-Year-Old Pedestrian in Bayside, Queens

A pedestrian was killed at the intersection of Northern Boulevard and 212th Street this morning. The intersection lacks any safe way for pedestrians to cross the street. Image: Google Street View.
A pedestrian was killed at the intersection of Northern Boulevard and 212th Street this morning. The intersection has no crosswalk across Northern Boulevard. Image: ##,+queens&sll=40.759857,-73.771145&sspn=0.008403,0.019205&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Northern+Blvd+%26+208th+St,+Queens,+New+York+11361&ll=40.759789,-73.771412&spn=0.008403,0.019205&z=16&layer=c&cbll=40.759762,-73.771518&panoid=sHa6hQx4C9I3rwvWmKUGGQ&cbp=13,87.79,,0,4.9##Google Street View.##

Another senior citizen walking the streets of New York has been killed in traffic. This morning at 6:00 a.m., a driver heading eastbound on Northern Boulevard struck a 72-year-old man crossing at the intersection of 212th Street, according to NYPD. The victim was taken to New York Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The driver stayed at the scene and was not intoxicated, said the police. Hence, as usual, no summonses were issued. But NYPD’s public information office could not say yet whether the pedestrian was crossing 212th Street, which has a crosswalk, or Northern Boulevard, which does not.

Northern Boulevard is a heavily trafficked feeder onto the un-tolled Queensboro Bridge and has long been a particularly dangerous street for pedestrians. In fact, back during his first campaign for mayor, Michael Bloomberg singled it out as in need of tougher speeding enforcement.

  • David

    This intersection is literally 10 miles away from the Queensboro Bridge. Northern Blvd is one of the longest roads in Long Island, extending all the way into Nassau County (and into Suffolk as 25A).

    I live near the site of this tragic killing, and Northern is neither “heavily trafficked” or a “feeder” here. I think it is more helpful to the overall discourse if these terrible car-caused deaths are reported factually and WITHOUT distorting spin.

    Also, the link in the last paragraph is broken.

  • Kelvin Shek

    I came on to post the exact same comment as above. for someone to get on the QB bridge all the way from bayside would be pointless

  • Kelvin Shek

    i have to agree w/ the above. what a horrible spin on the story for people not familiar with the area. For someone coming from bayside with the intent on taking the queensborough bridge, there are many other options than to take northern all the way down.

  • Okay, Noah overreached a bit on this one. But Northern Boulevard in Bayside is still a traffic sewer and a heavily-trafficked feeder onto the un-tolled Clearview Expressway and Cross-Island Parkway.

    The real culprit is these silly “no crosswalk” games that the DOT plays on Northern and other big boulevards to speed traffic by cutting down on the number of stoplights. They don’t actually save anyone’s life; they just limit the liability of the DOT when someone gets killed.

    The DOT should either put in lights everywhere that a pedestrian might cross, or calm Northern with a streetcar like the Paris Tramway.

  • Driver

    Yes, Northern Blvd is a feeder to the Clearview and Cross Island, but more significantly, it is a through street for local traffic because through traffic is restricted by the Clearview Expwy and Cross Island pkwy/Little Neck Bay. Watch the traffic around the Clearview or the Cross Island, the majority of it is continuing straight, not entering the expressway or parkway.

    I’m not sure if the no crosswalk/no light situation that you mention is intended to speed up traffic, as the lights on Northern Blvd are timed. It is possible that the DOT is applying the standard criteria for installing traffic lights- volume of auto traffic, in this case from the side streets. Additional lights (and pedestrian crosswalks) can and should be added without having a significant negative impact on traffic. Unfortunately it will take some noise to get this done.

  • dennis

    I bike northern blvd every morning. The problem is double parked cars and trucks in that area. I also find that van drivers are the most aggressive!

    In general it’s a congested area and in the morning most are speeding.

    I attend the congregation accross from the mans home that was killed…he was a very nice, alert and careful man. Crossing northern blvd is an adventure at best

    We will miss him…he was always taking care of his garden and talking to all that passed his home.

  • Neighbor in Morning (Joe)

    This man was our neighbor and dear family friend. And Yes he technically was 72 and a senior citizen, but do not think any of those details play apart in this accident. I agree with Denis, he was alert and careful. When he wasn’t cleaning up his property (and practically the rest of the block) and attending his beautiful garden, he was a friend to all who walked past.
    This is a high traffic pedestrian crossing for children walking to the school down the block. I have seen many close calls, and a young boy was struck on his bicycle during the summer on the same corner.
    The DOT has recognized that it’s a bad area and sent letters to all the neighbors in an attempt to change the traffic patterns, but after a year or so there has been no change (or follow-ups).
    It is raining today, but the skies above Bayside are grey for other reasons. He will be missed.

  • Alison

    I think it is a gray day i knew the deceased,and Safety is first in my world.I think they should lock up the driver and throw away the key. To hit and kill someone you had to be traveling at a high speed<which there is no need for.

  • I’m not sure a crosswalk would have made a difference mate.

  • Karen

    What a tragedy…I live in the neighborhood as well, not too far from Northern Blvd. I am always walking and am wondering which neighbor is this? I will pray for him and his family.

  • I am writing to Thank you on behalf of my wife, she is the neice of the decessed. 30 years ago feb 1980 her brother Martin was also killed on Northern Blvd at age 24. Hopefully more street lights are added to this busy road before more lives are taken. The speed is posted at 30 mph I just wonder how many speeding tickets are issued. Maybe NYC could issue more speeding tickets and maybe lower the property taxes. We have lost two wonderful family members something has to be done with that road. I will keep all of you that have to travel Northern Blvd in my prayers!!


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