Today’s Headlines

  • 45-Year Old Man Killed Crossing Harlem River Drive (News)
  • Bus Driver Who Killed Seth Kahn Driving Too Fast, Distracted, Investigation Shows (News)
  • Brodsky’s Proudest Moment: Removing Tolls on Saw Mill Parkway (LoHud)
  • City of Beacon Stalling Blocks MetroNorth’s Planned TOD (Mid-Hudson News)
  • At Public Hearings, Riders Won’t Choose Between Capped or Uncapped Monthly Pass (Post)
  • Liu to Recommend Formalizing Community Benefit Agreement Process For Major Rezonings (WSJ)
  • Cities Step Up Despite Federal Climate Inaction (Grist)
  • Slideshow: Building a Reef From Old Subway Cars (WNYC)
  • Nicholas Kristof: Bike Allows Zimbabwean Orphan to Finish High School
  • Copenhagen to Legalize Right-on-Red for Cyclists (Copenhagenize)

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  • Ian Turner

    Did the MTA get paid fol all those old subway cars, or was it just a gift? Something tells me the scrap value of a subway car is rather substantial, in which case giving away so many is actually a boondoggle.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Brodsky is proud of all the public resources he distributed to different constituency groups, all with borrowed money.

    Now public services and benefits are facing collapse, and Brodsky will be drawing tax free retirement income.

  • TKO

    Sure in Copenhagen the riders may be polite and careful but that in New York City would be a bad idea. Does any rider not go a day without another rider going through a red light? We will have to make a weekly toll of injured pedestrians on the site.

  • Shemp

    TKO, in that case why would legalizing right on red make things any worse? Making rules that are sensible for cyclists rather than holding to the fallacy that bikes and cars are the same things may encourage more compliance.

  • Now that he’s lost the AG race, can we stop the Brodsky bashing? (“Brodsky’s Proudest Moment: Removing Tolls on Saw Mill Parkway”) I’ve followed his career since the 1970s and seen more-than-ample evidence of his independence, passion and effectiveness. Sure, his opposition to congestion pricing was damaging, but it might not have carried as much weight if the plan had been even a little more equitable. Anyway, a little magnanimity wouldn’t hurt.

  • BicyclesOnly

    TKO, I think you too readily equate going through a red light with serious injury. When a cyclist treats a red light as a stop sign, and proceeds through only after all traffic with the right of way has done so first, is unlikely to cause injuries (or, for that matter, to alarm or inconvenience others).

  • J. Mork

    Ian, I’ve seen it stated that the subway car/reef program is the “cheapest way to get rid of” the decommissioned cars.