Today’s Headlines

  • NYT Op-Ed: Feds Sank Billions Into GM’s Electric Lemon, the Volt
  • Council Approves Pair of Parking Saturated Developments (NYT, WSJ, Bklyn Eagle)
  • TWU Insists on Running New Commuter Van Routes Itself (NY1)
  • RPA: New Transit Tunnel Under Hudson Will Be a Property Tax Windfall For NJ (MTR, AP)
  • Espada Camp: Booting Opponents Off the Ballot "Good Government at Work" (News)
  • Times Endorses New Federal Safety Regs for Transit
  • Reclaiming Asphalt Under MNR Tracks for Harlem Market: EDC Could Make It Happen (DNAInfo)
  • Tour the $3.2B WTC Transit Hub, Virtually (WSJ via 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Parking Agent Daniel Chu: History’s Greatest Monster? (News)
  • Expanding From the Heat, Ninth St Bridge Needs Wedge Ramps to Keep Bike Lane Safe (Bklyn Paper)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “The urban research and advocacy group says home property values within walking distance of the train stations will increase as much as $29,000. Property taxes also will increase…More New Jersey residents are expected to work in New York because commuters will be able to get to Manhattan in less than an hour.”

    If they are assuming that the value of New Jersey homes will increase because the total income and weatlh of the region increases, I’m not sure that will be the case.

    What is more likely the case is that more of those affluent enough to pay $29,000 more because of the jobs they have will choose to live in New Jersey rather than Long Island and the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where property values, income and tax revenues will fall by an equal amount. After the Second Avenue Subway and East Side Access are NOT completed.

  • Larry Littlefield

    And by the way, NYC Planning sent me to an early meeting on ARC with all the transportation honchos in attendance. I raised this very issue — what would happen to the distribution of well being in the region when ARC was completed but ESA and the SAS were not.

    That was a very long time ago, but no so long ago that the debt-destruction of the MTA was already in motion, perhaps 2000 (I left DCP in 2001).

  • Gothamist: Monster Cave-in on East side Greenway.

    Yesterday Parks put a temporary bridge over the cave-in. I’m gald they did so, but why have similar cave-ins like these ones along the East Harlem and other sections of the Greenway gone unaddressed for years?

    Is any portion of the the East Side Greenway safe?

  • Larry Littlefield

    Well to be fair, some kids smashed a bunch of bottles on the Brooklyn ramp to the Manhattan Bridge on Tuesday, spreading broken glass across it. I phoned it in to 311, and the glass was gone this morning.

  • vnm

    Station agents laid off … bus operators laid off … bus mechanics laid off … private vans taking over former bus routes …

    Things wouldn’t be going so poorly for the TWU right now if they had put their political muscle behind congestion pricing or bridge tolls.

  • Stop with the damn safety regulations for transit.

    There have been less than 30 people killed by subways in the past 30 years.

    Today, in america, four times that were killed by cars.

  • Rapidly accelerating environmental devastation will be a major driver of transportation policy:

    “Fires and Storms Kill at Least 28 in Russia”

    “MOSCOW — Stoked by parched forests, dried-out swamps and the hottest summertime temperatures ever recorded in Russia, wildfires burned down several villages in the central part of the country, killing about two dozen people, government officials said on Friday.

    ” . . . the hottest day ever recorded in Moscow since record keeping began under the Czars, 130 years go, topping out at 100 degrees.”

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Rapidly accelerating environmental devastation will be a major driver of transportation policy.”

    I have come to doubt it. Humans are not capable of it.

    We are heading for the George Carlin solution to global warming: “the planet will be fine; the people are f__cked.” A mass extinction, including us or close to it, followed by an environmental recovery over 100,000 years or so with new species.

  • #8 Larry Littlefield, Yes, the common wisdom seems to agree with you.

    Sorry, I do not.

  • David Stockman Op-Ed:

    Joseph Romm at Climate Progress:

    “David Stockman bombshell: How my Republican Party destroyed the American Economy.”

    “David Stockman, director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, has dared to call out his own party for creating our current economic problems. His NYT op-ed ‘Four Deformations of the Apocalypse,” beings:

    ‘IF there were such a thing as Chapter 11 for politicians, the Republican push to extent the unaffordable Bush tax cuts would amount to a bankruptcy filing.’

    “Given our long-term deficit problem, Stockman said it is ‘unseemly for the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, to insist that the nation’s wealthiest taxpayers be spared even a three-percentage-point rate increase.'”

    Stockman: “The fourth destructive change has been the hollowing out of the larger American economy.”

    Romm: ” . . . a major reason we have hollowed out the larger American economy is that the GOP have succeeded in blocking almost every major progressive effort to increase investment in infrastructure and R&D and other key aspects of a 21st century economy when Democrats were in charge, and they cut funding in those crucial areas when they were in charge. This effort will only intensify in the coming years.”

    Considering the accelerating rate of environmental devastation there is a sense of the unreal in perceiving the continuance of many long-range plans and trends especially those that are extremely self-destructive.

  • Sorry, swapped links should be

    David Stockman NY Times Op-Ed:

    Joseph Romm at Climate Progress:

  • Boris

    David Stockman should be Larry’s Generation Greed Exhibit A. Live beyond your means, and then when you are old enough, turn around and tell your kids to pay for your debts – as well as their own, because now deficit spending is bad.

    If Stockman is to ever fully repent, he needs to repay all the money he borrowed (or was borrowed on his behalf by the government) that he now says was borrowed unfairly, and now.

  • Boris

    And what a fairy tale beginning! December 1981 –