Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood Smacks Down Pro-Distracted Driving Lobbyists (Transpo Nation
  • Tom Angotti: NYC Needs Comprehensive Planning, Not Ad Hoc Side Deals (Gotham Gazette
  • Planner Alex Garvin Talks NYC Zoning Rewrite, Superblocks (Urban Omnibus)
  • Yonah Freemark Questions City’s Commuter Van Program, Transit Privatization (TNAC)
  • What "Regime Change" Looks Like in Albany: Senate Leader’s $50K Mega-SUV Now a Hybrid (Post)
  • ARC Tunnel Eminent Domain Plans Infuriate Midtown Businesses (DNAinfo)
  • Connecticut Just Keeps Sprawling (Courant)
  • WTC Rebuilding Moves Forward; Developer Selected for Tower (NYT)
  • 9/11 Security Measures Continue to Sever Park Row (1010WINS)
  • Would Speed Cameras Be More Popular If You Made Them More Fun? (Grist)
  • Larry Littlefield

    Did everyone see the SAS post in which a State Senator admitted she didn’t know that she was diverting $143 million in dedicated transit taxes from the MTA when she voted for the bill?

  • At least she’s honest Larry!

  • The city backed down on the Staten Island catering hall fence –

  • Thanks for the link Steven. Some amazing activism happened over this:

    The fence was taken down by a protester the following day but was replaced within hours, according to DeRespino.

    About two dozen cyclists participated in a ride Friday organized by the cycling group Critical Mass, with some chaining their bikes to the fence in protest, DeRespino said.

    And some of the quotes in there are priceless. Thank god Parks Department didn’t let this continue!

  • Saw something new in Riverside Park this evening: a cop on motorcycle. He wasn’t moving any faster than an average bike and the noise from the engine wasn’t objectionable. Big improvement over cops driving patrol cars down pedestrian paths. Someone wised up? His shirt read NYPD Community Affairs. Would love to see more of this kind of noninvasive patrol.

  • Mark, I saw the same guy. He was riding a scooter (like a Vespa), not a motorcycle.

    I agree with you about preferring the scooter to the prowl car, but all in all I prefer to see less police, not more.