Today’s Headlines

  • Anger and Confusion Reign as Transit Cuts Take Effect (AMNY, News 1, 2, NY1)
  • New Yorkers Bid Farewell to Fallen Bus and Subway Lines (WNYC, City Room, Gothamist)
  • Daily News: Blame Albany
  • Paterson, Legislature in Budget Kabuki Dance (NYT, News 1, 2, WNYC)
  • Assembly Waters Down Complete Streets Legislation (MTR)
  • Suspected Drunk Driver Kills Passenger on Hutchinson River Parkway (Post
  • Ray Kelly Could Look to Baltimore County for Pointers on Traffic Safety (Fast Lane)
  • Brooklyn Boy, 9, Shot Over Stolen Bike (Gothamist); Cities Find Theft Is Big Business (NYT)
  • Joe Lentol Takes Credit for New Kent Ave Rack; Brooklyn Paper Snickers
  • BP Buys Off Boycotters With Cheap Gas (News)
  • Things Are Tough All Over: PRT Dreams Shattered From Minnesota to Abu Dhabi (Biz Week, Avidor)
  • Larry Littlefield

    Don’t just blame Albany. They don’t have a furnace up there where they blame $100 bills, and I don’t think all our tax dollars are headed to the Cayman Islands in private accounts.

    Identify those interests that have had the best deals here, relative to other places, as a result of privileges handed out in Albany.

  • “Anger and Confusion Reign as Transit Cuts Take Effect”: We’re not done with the Siphon Downstate Payroll Tax Revenue Service cuts. And we haven’t even got started on the Free Student Metrocard Service Cuts. Not to mention the No Congestion Pricing Service Cuts, the Free East River Bridges Service cuts….

  • In case anyone is wondering, Baltimore County is a different political entity and police department than Baltimore City. Baltimore County is one of those places which… Well, let’s just say there’s plenty of parking. Baltimore City, on the other hand, a place filled with pedestrians and urban life, is the same demolition derby we have here in NYC.