Today’s Headlines

  • Looming Transit Cuts Only the Beginning (NYT, SAS); Dirtier Trains Already the Norm … (Post)
  • … But Shelly Silver and Denny Farrell Won’t Let Reality Trump a Choice Press Release
  • With Legislative Session Winding Down, TSTC Tracking Progress of Livable Streets Bills (MTR)
  • Staten Island Teen Hit Walking to School Dies From Injuries (NY1
  • Daily News Does Hatchet Job on Prospect Park West Bike Lane
  • Sanitation Department Wants to Clip Ghost Bikes (News)
  • Is New York Poised to Follow Hoboken’s Car-Sharing Example? (Post)
  • Downtown BID, REBNY Want to Revive Water Street With Public Plazas (NYT)
  • AMNY Fails Traffic Ticket Data Rorschach Test
  • TEA in Spat With Dan Halloran Previously Caught CM’s Staffer With Bogus Placard (News)
  • Lamborghini Torched in Williamsburg; Schadenfreude Ensues (New York Shitty)
  • Jay

    Wow! The interpretation of the ticketing data for cab drivers is unbelievably bad.

    I’m a licensed driver in New York City. I take out the family car a handful of times per month (I could literally count the number on one hand). How does AMNY assume I would get as many tickets as a cab driver who circulates for hours on end, day after day?

    Perhaps they should try estimating the rate cab drivers get ticketed on a per-mile or per-hour basis. I guarantee you it is far too low!

  • The PPW bike lane bit:

    “Some pedestrians say…”.

    Isn’t that similar to how Fox starts all their “news” stories

    Can’t wait to ride that lane.

  • The DN piece wasn’t that bad. They ended on a positive note:

    However, many seemed willing to give the lane a chance, and noted that not all bikers are speed freaks. And cyclists themselves were thrilled with such a safe path, shielded from moving traffic by the parked cars.

    “I love it,” said Stacie Gregorio, 34, a medical assistant from Bay Ridge who was biking in the lane for the first time. “We have to slow down and just be safe. You walk, I ride – peace, peace.”

  • Yeah, 67 Ghost Bikes throughout the five boroughs of New York City are a real eyesore and space-hog. The hundreds of thousands of private autos stored on the curbside throughout the city are not just a wonderfully fair and democratic use of space–they’re absolutely beautiful!

  • Wired profiles Charles Komanoff.

  • The Daily News hatchet job on the PPW bike lane was echoed by a LEAD STORY on last night’s WPIX news. Marty Markowitz got the lion’s share of airtime.

    I’m puzzled by the complaint that having lanes both inside and outside PPW creates a redundant lane. If the outer bike lane is given back to cars, wouldn’t that create a redundant car lane?

  • st

    the daily news piece raises fair point–if you’ve walked across the ppw bike lane you know that bicyclists rarely stop–dangerous. please take it slow at the crossings, bicyclists. thanks.

  • Does the city clear out the various crosses on the side of highways indicating where people lost a loved one? I see many nailed into trees with fresh flowers placed in front a lot of them, particularly along parkways…

  • Larry Littlefield

    If you want to know why young people flock to NYC despite policies that disadvantage them here, and are beginning to move to other central cities despite bad conditions left over from decades of decline, read this article.

    “Over the last decade or so—nobody can say for exactly how long, but it’s since the Great Lawn was reseeded in 1995 (it was basically a dust bowl in my era)—frequent, even daily, attendance at the 55-acre field has become New York City’s most popular unstructured and unsupervised after-school program for private high schoolers.”

    In much of America, they’d be driving or being driven to the parking lot of some 7/11 to interact with each other, a situation that continues — with somewhat better venues — into people’s 20s.

    Much of America has been built for homebuyers, generally middle-aged people who are swamped with work and parenting, already have their friends and spouses, and have less need or time for interacting with strangers. It doesn’t work very well for the young and old.

  • Traff