Today’s Headlines

  • Urban Livability Seeping Into Cable News Coverage — Check Out This CNN Feature
  • Transport for London IDs 140 Traffic Signals That Could Be Removed (Transport Xtra)
  • Another Breed of Fake Placard: MTA Vests Get Parking Agents to Back Off (News)
  • The Cross Bronx: It’s Loud, Polluting, Terrible for Kids, and Weird Human Interest Fodder for the Times
  • Before the Interstates, America Had the World’s Fastest Trains (Progressive Fix via Infrastructurist)
  • Urban Omnibus Talks to RPA About the Meaning of Urban Innovation
  • The "THINK City" Electric Car — The Future of NYC’s Vehicle Fleet? (Brooklyn Paper)
  • New Bowery Median Will Make a Dangerous Street Somewhat Less Dangerous (Downtown Express)
  • Remembering an East Harlem Corner Before the Triborough (Harlem Bespoke)
  • Does NYPD Have the Guts to Enforce Traffic in Bunny Costumes? (The 818 via @naparstek)

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  • In the comments on Harlem Bespoke, there’s a great observation that I never thought about before – in old photos, there are very few if any trees integrated into city streets/sidewalks. It’s great to see how many trees have been planted on city sidewalks since then.

    Check out for more old photos of NYC. I posted a couple of good photos in my area including this one:

    Since this photo was taken, the Manhattan School of Music put up an enormous building that blocks this view of Grant’s tomb…

  • I’ve always wondered if the Cross Bronx could be realistically decked over to provide parkland where right now there is this humongous gash across the Bronx