Today’s Headlines

  • Cash-Strapped MTA to Transit-Dependent New Yorkers: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet (NYT)
  • Public Reacts; Electeds Pose; Board Fires Back at Albany (Post, AMNY, NY1 1, 2, 3, News, Advance)
  • Observer Clocks Effect of Real Estate Tax Freefall
  • Ben Kabak: What Would Robert Van Wyck Think of Today’s Rapid Transit Railroad?
  • Don’t Look Now, But NJ Transit Hearings Start Today (MTR)
  • Endangering Cyclists "Acceptable" to Brooklyn Heights Church, 84th Precinct (Bklyn Paper)
  • Another Off-Duty Cop Charged With DWI, Leaving Scene; NYPD Says Nothing (News via Gothamist)
  • DOE Renews Contracts With Bribery-Linked Bus Companies (Post)
  • Red Hook Pier to Double as Public Space (Post); Columbia Shows Plans for Inwood Waterfront (NY1)
  • Straphangers No More: Roosevelt Island Tram Goes Leather-Free (AMNY)

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  • “The police recognize that churches make extraordinary contributions to the community…[they] basically confirmed that this is a long standing practice. While we are really interested in the question of reducing the use of cars and supporting bikers — we see this as an acceptable cost, and they agree.”

    Extraordinary contributions to the community? Would those contributions include rulling out a red carpet to the pulpit so that politicians can pander to the congregation around election time?

  • The double parking in front of churches is unacceptable – it’s dangerous and disrespectful of the immediate neighbors.

    If churches want to spend their goodwill on illegal parking, I guess that’s their perogative, but it seems they could do more to instill in their followers a basic respect for the laws that protect public safety. Maybe they need to get a few volunteers to be crossing guards during services when parking is 2-3 deep and cars can’t see people crossing intersections.

  • God doesn’t park in the bike lane. Can’t we all make like Orthodox Jews and refrain from driving on the Sabbath?

  • molly

    Heaven forbid those people driving to the church actually use public transit! It’s not like there are at least 5 subway lines nearby.

  • molly

    oh, and it’s not enough to commandeer just the bike lane–they park partially on the sidewalk as well.

  • Jason A

    What would Jesus drive?

  • Mitch

    I don’t know. I think the pastor’s advice at the end of that story is really excellent while the “What part of bike lane don’t you understand” guy comes across like a real dick.

  • I live a block and half away from this church on Henry Street. Molly has it right, many cars go beyond parking in the bike lane and actually mount the curb, which endangers not just bicyclists, but pedestrians too.