Today’s Headlines

  • TA: Improvements Needed for East Side’s Most Dangerous Intersections (Our Town)
  • Post Thinks Google Bike Routes Lead Cyclists Where They Don’t Belong
  • The Groundbreaking: Ratner Gloats; Markowitz Sneers; Guests Invoke Jackie Robinson, God (BP)
  • Witness to Karen Schmeer Crash Says NYPD Account Doesn’t Add Up (City Room)
  • Ray Kelly Warns of Shrinking Force Due to Budget Woes; Prosecutors Could Be Next (News)
  • Port Authority Director Hints at Higher Tolls (News); MTA Won’t Cut Administrator Salaries (AMNY)
  • New Report From RPA and TSTC Probes Dire State of New Jersey Transit (MTR)
  • Council Member Steve Levin Opposed to "New Domino"; Diana Reyna Supports (Post)
  • Brooklyn Paper Unmoved by City Takeover of Brooklyn Bridge Park; Condos May Be Axed (Gothamist)
  • Yglesias: Sprawl Is Not a Natural Product of the Free Market
  • Van With Corpse and Homemade Placard Towed From Outside Funeral Home (News)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Read the article on New Jersey Transit. By mid-2011, all of the “dedicated” transportation revenues will be used to pay debts, leaving no money, none at all for maintenance and operation. Not for roads. Not for transit.

    New York has done the same, though not yet to the same extent, which is why Ravitch seems to believe there is more future to take away.

    Both states have enhanced the pensions of those cashing in and moving out. New Jersey has cut funding for the pensions it enhanced.

    What does this say about the values of people over the past 20 years? None of this was a secret.

  • With regard to funeral homes, when I was a kid there was one on Amsterdam and 77th that had a sign in front of the loading dock: “Ambulance parking.”

  • That article on the NYPD cover-up of the police chase that led to the death of Karen Schmeer is damning. It’s really worth a read (scroll down after you hit the above link) The witness was a lawyer who works for Random House who said:

    “It was shocking. I had never seen speeds like that on Broadway.”

    As yesterday’s Streetsblog post indicated, the police are reluctant to disclose information even about incidents that they had nothign to do with: — so I guess it’s no suprise that they are trying to cover up a high-speed chase that led to a pedestrian’s death. (Still: how the hell can you cover up a high speed chase?!). This is an unacceptable failure of local government; if the police do not own up to their behavior, further tragedies such as this are bound to happen.

  • G-D

    Don’t scoff at the godly Atlantic Yards speaker. Acts of G-D have always been a big part of city planning and city life. Take the street grid. It’s intelligent design. Brooklyn Bridge? Same. Cars running over pedestrians? Act of G-d, the driver merely an instrument. You heathen moan too much about human laws. Stop kvetching. G-D and Rattner will deliver you.

  • Josh
  • TKO

    One of the worst places that cars getaway with illegal parking is around the court house at Cadman Plaza and Adams street near the Brooklyn Bridge. Placards, if even bothered to be placed, seem to allow cars to park in front of fire plugs and in spots marked No parking anytime. One sliver SUV, liscence plate ETK 3490, has used a U.S. Department of Justice placard no.0011, to park in front of the fire hydrant on red cross place. Four different days now.

    Calling 311 3 times has done nothing to stop this car from doing the same.

    Some justice!

    Has anyone ever seen a ticket given out there?

  • As I was cycling around the Atlantic Yards footprint yesterday during the festivities, I stopped for a red light eastbound at Atlantic Avenue and Fort Greene Place (which happened to be near the entrance to Bruce Ratner’s groundbreaking-ceremony “Green Zone.”

    As I was waiting for the light to change, a cop walked over and told me, “Atlantic Avenue is closed to pedestrians. You’ll have to cross over and go around,” while pointing to the sidewalk along the Atlantic Center mall.

    I looked down at my bike and then back at him, and said, “I’m not a pedestrian, I’m a cyclist.”

    Without missing a beat, he said, “well, then it’s closed to cyclists.”

    So I asked him if I could ride on the sidewalk. “No, it’s too crowded,” he said.

    He had no answer as to why Atlantic was okay for cars, but no other users, even though it seemed like the cars were the principal cause of congestion.

    On another note, while New York Governor Paterson was inside the “Green Zone” eating lobster sliders and drinking champagne and praising Atlantic Yards (with its projected 3,600+ parking spaces), New Jersey Governor Christie was reported to be considering making New Jersey state employees pay for parking:

    N.J. employees would pay for parking in Gov. Christie’s privatization plan

    You can imagine the outrage among state government employees.