Today’s Headlines

  • Ravitch: Medicaid Spending Crowding Out Infrastructure in NY State Budget (NYT)
  • Silver Asks for Ravitch to Take Over State Budget Negotiations (News)
  • Proposed Cuts to NYC Bus Service Would Affect 200,000 Riders (AMNY)
  • What’s Next on the Agenda for Livable Streets and Green Transport in Manhattan? (Post)
  • Ben Kabak: MTA Board Hearings "a Legally Mandated Charade"
  • Neal Peirce on TIGER: About Time State DOTs Competed for Federal Transpo Funds (Citiwire)
  • Port Authority Commits to Cashless Tolls (SI Live, NY1)
  • Ex-Marine Kills Would-Be Car Thief in St. Albans; No Charges Filed (NYT, News, Post)
  • Plaintiffs Have Until Mid-March to Appeal Decision Upholding NYPD Parade Rules (Villager)
  • Yglesias: Transit Is as American as Apple Pie
  • Seinfeld Gets Driven to TV Studio. Yada, Yada, Yada… Cops Investigate His Placard (1010WINS, Post)

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  • To be fair to Seinfeld, it was his ex-NYPD security guard / driver’s placard, and he claims to not have known about that.

    And separately, I believe he rides on city streets

  • Bkabak is right about the political orphan status as the source of the MTA’s problems. One of the commenters nails it – The way out of this is for the MTA to properly price its product. If $3+inflation is the long term sustainable pricing, then start negotiations there and make state legislators come to the table with money to lower it.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Such taboo-breaking suggestions are Mr. Ravitch’s signature, part of his process. As when he asked what prevented the state from filing for bankruptcy protection. Or what would happen if New York’s problems got so bad that no one — no one — ran for governor.”

    Looks like the man is starting to think.

    As for the MTA, it should set the fare to what is required to pay for transportation, then impose a “surcharge” on Metrocard purchases to pay for past debts, pension underfunding and enhancements, and retiree health care.

    As in the fare is $2.25 per rid, but you have to pay $30.00 for a Metrocard worth $22.50. The difference could be described as the “Saints, Heroes and Geniuses” surcharge, because that’s what the pols pretended to be as they sold out of future and spread (some of the) proceeds around to the selfish and clueless.

  • As much as I love Seinfeld, has anyone else noticed watching the reruns how much they constantly drive? It’s one thing to drive into Manhattan from another somewhere else, but they lived on the Upper West Side!

    Kramer seems the most transit friendly of all of them!

  • Charley,

    I too have noticed the car-centrism on Seinfeld. I believe the sitcom was filmed in LA and Jerry himself is an avid car collector. I think he even once tried to convert a Manhattan townhouse into his personal garage for that collection.

  • But Seinfeld does have an episode where they drive to a mall in New Jersey and get lost in the parking lot. It is a good satire of the car culture.

  • There is an episode where Jerry suggests to Kramer that he take the bus to go pick up his car at a remote, cheaper parking lot. Kramer responds, “I’m not going to take the bus. That’s why I got a car!”

    On another note, bravo to that ex-marine.