Cast Your Vote for the 2009 Streetsies


Streetsblog is about to go dark for the holiday, so we’ve got something that will hopefully keep you satisfied until Monday. Polls. Lots of polls.

The last thing we publish every year is the Streetsies, our final burst of awards and commentary. This time we’re adding a "people’s choice" wrinkle. The voting is open in six categories until Sunday at midnight. Then we’ll see how the popular will compares to the stuffy editors’ picks. If you’ve got a write-in candidate for any category, tell us about it in the comments. Many thanks to tech director Chris Abraham for getting the polls up and running.

Next week we’ll be back with our year-end wrap, and Streetsblog will return to our regular publishing schedule on Monday, January 4. In the meantime, you might also get a kick out of these pictures.

Biggest Livable Streets Victory

Total Voters: 397

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Best Pedestrian Project

Total Voters: 354

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Best Bike Project

Total Voters: 304

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NIMBY of the Year

Total Voters: 330

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Biggest Legislative Fiasco

Total Voters: 334

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Urban Abomination of the Year

Total Voters: 299

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Cast Your Vote for the 2011 Streetsies

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