Ray LaHood Visits ‘The Daily Show’ to Talk Transportation

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood visited Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night to talk about his department’s role in the stimulus debate, infrastructure modernization, and development of a U.S. high-speed rail system. Check out the video above (and let us know what you think in the comments).

  • Ian

    I think I’m more impressed with Ray LaHood here than I am with Jon. I don’t expect him to be excited about transportation, but I’m also not impressed by his apparent entrenchment in the status quo.

  • I think that like everyone who has a specific issue they deal with everyday, I’m always a little disappointed at the discourse between smart people on shows like this. They always have to dumb it down for the larger audience. I really wish they could smart it up.

  • Ariel

    This video did nothing for me and probably very little for improving America’s stance on transit. All it did was remind me of how car and airplane-centric this country is.

    Jon displayed the typical American mentality and sentiments toward transportation. I can’t blame him completely though for joking on trains and glorifying planes and highways. For over 50 years this country has not given him a reason to get excited over high-speed rail and other forms of mass transit. As bad as the highways and brigdes have gotten, it pails in comparison to Amtrak, the MTA, CTA, etc.

    As a New Yorker who rides the subway everyday, it pains me to see that one of the most effective conversation starters is talking about how much the MTA sucks. People would much rather attack the entity that allows us to move around in this city than support better funding for it. If the most transit-dependent city can’t get its residents to back better funding, what hope is their for American cities outside of New York.

    It is definitely a large up hill battle and I’m doing my part to make things change. Hopefully within my life time people will learn to love mass transit and do what they can to make it realize its full potential. For now I’ll just enjoy what I have living in the nation’s most dense and transit-rich city and maybe others will follow suit.

  • Aaron Z

    yuk. That was a sad performance, Jon Stewart.

  • At least Jon understood the seriousness of road safety or the lack of it. That should have been a good starting point, pointing out that rail is safer than road traffic.


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