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  • J

    Those Manhattan Beach planters do look really tall. As a biker, I often worry about being visible at intersections with tall planters. This is the type of design detail that DOT needs to think about. Yes, it’s a minor issue, but it shows a certain carelessness on the part of DOT.

  • drosejr

    If Johnson doesn’t think city residents are allowed to have a means of figuring out when the next train or bus is coming, like London and many other transport systems have had for years, perhaps his constituents in the North Shore of Long Island could wait a few more years for East Side Access to be completed. Countdown clocks for the many millions who travel by bus and subway each day are a drop in the bucket compared to the billions being thrown at the ~250,000 LIRR commuters, only some of whom will actually end up going to Grand Central.
    This is what passes for leadership in the State Senate – don’t to look to us for basic needs, we would rather make sure our voters continue to fund $100k pensions for life for a bloated state government.