Today’s Headlines

  • 2010 MTA Budget, Balanced on a Pin, Contains No Fare Hikes or Service Cuts (NY1, News, Post)
  • To Create More Jobs, Pass a Jobs Bill That Funds Transit Service (MTR)
  • Paterson Signs Leandra’s Law, Requiring Ignition Interlocks After First DWI Offense (NY1)
  • Suburban NY Legislators Plan to Intro Bill Mandating 3-Foot Buffer for Driving Past Cyclists (LoHud)
  • Judge Sentences Killer Truck Driver Auvryn Scarlett to 20 Years-to-Life (News)
  • NY1 Covers East Side BRT Plans, With Pic of New 3-Door MTA Bus
  • Intercity Bus Service: Recession-Proof (Globe)
  • Be on the Alert for Roadify Marketers Prowling the Sidewalk (News)
  • Who Knew? Safe Driving Is One of Bloomberg-the-Philanthropist’s Causes (News)
  • What a Campus Full of Bike Riding Students Looks Like to an Aging NYT Pontificator

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  • Leandra’s law: Now that the bill has been signed into law, has it been released to the public? 🙂

  • Larry Littlefield

    Ie. suburban legislators and the 3 foot law — some of them may be catching on that bicycles have the potential to do more for the suburbs (and suburban-like areas of the city) than the city.

    Having been slammed to the pavement by a van mirror to the elbow, it sounds like a good law to me.

  • J. Mork

    What happens to people who don’t own a car and get a DWI? Does this mean that they have to buy a car with an interlock in order to drive, ever?

  • Does the new DWI law apply to all past convictions?

  • vnm

    Building on what J. Mork said, what happens if you own a car but want to get behind the wheel of a different one (a friends or a rental)? Does the interlock device stay with the driver or with the car?

  • mike

    Sounds like Dyker Heights could use some attention:

  • eLK

    How did Verlyn Klinkenborg get to Palo Alto? He must be looking through a rear view mirror.

  • Shemp

    In some states the Interlock requirement is put on your license, like “must wear corrective lenses” and you can be legally screwed if you are found driving a car without it. Don’t know if that is in the NYS law or not.

  • If I see any of the Roadify people around Park Slope this weekend, I will gladly have a calm discussion about how utterly stupid and irresponsible their product is.

  • Steve Faust

    A comment on the Verlyn Klinkenborg Editorial Observer – Individualism, Identity and Bicycles in Northern California.

    I am puzzled by Klinkenborg’s last comments about Thomas Jefferson.
    If the horse were pedaling or it was an electric bicycle, I could agree, but since these students were all pedaling on their own, what’s the loss? If Klinkenborg is so worried about humans being “so ambitious to exceed a foot-pace”, what does he say about cars? Isn’t bicycling a lot closer to “our natural gaits” than riding in a car?

    Yesterday, I rode my bicycle over the Brooklyn Bridge, up the Hudson bike path to a show at the Javits Center, across town to a Community Board meeting at the NYU Medical Center, with a shopping stop along the way, and returned home down the East River Drive bike path in the twinkling dark over the Manhattan Bridge back to Brooklyn. I traveled faster than any subway bus combination, but frankly, by the end of the day, I was tired.

    I earned my ride, I enjoyed the views, I lost nothing riding the bicycle.

  • I have it on VERY good authority that Dr. Klinkenborg is himself a cyclist.

  • Jeff

    Regarding the three-foot passing buffer law:

    One question which has always been on my mind is, if a motorist passes a cyclist at an unsafe speed and/or buffer distance (especially if said passing is prompted by the motorist’s frustration), is that considered Assault with a Deadly Weapon?

    As a moral question, I fail to see how this is any different than one pedestrian walking up to another, pointing a gun in his or her face, and saying, “Get out of my way, or I will f*cking kill you.”

    Does the law see it this way as well? Should I be calling 911 every time a motorist intentionally threatens my life due to the simple reason that my presence on the road may delay his commute by fifteen seconds?

  • Praise to Bloomberg for “Who Knew? Safe Driving Is One of Bloomberg-the-Philanthropist’s Causes (News)”

    Transportation systems based on cars are definitely a treatable and preventable disease.