Streetfilms Shorties: West Side Highway Crash Aftermath

A crash shut down the southbound West Side Highway for about two hours during the morning rush yesterday. The Times reported that a northbound driver catapulted into the southbound lanes, colliding with a
southbound vehicle near 125th Street shortly before 7:00 a.m. Three people were
injured and taken to St. Luke’s Hospital.

I was riding by on the West Side bike path two hours later and shot this footage.

  • I was walking my dog in Roverside park just around this time and I was wondering why it felt so quiet, until the helicopter parked itself right over the park. Then it felt like a war-zone.

  • What this video doesn’t show is the miles-long backup of traffic as far away as Westchester County and New Jersey. This goes to show how letting cars drive into Manhattan’s CBD for free has ripple effects for the whole region.

    And then I wonder how many of these cars passing by contained a single occupant…

  • Glenn, is your dog named Rover?

  • J

    I usually ride down Broadway from around 155th Street, which is usually pretty smooth. At 8am yesterday, though, traffic was pretty much stopped on Broadway and Riverside. It resembled the first day of the transit strike a few years ago.

  • Moses Horwitz

    “A picture is worth a thousand words,” except when it is not.

  • Rut-Row…Riverside Park is doggie heaven though.

  • flp

    sorry to bring this up, but i’m certain that i’m not the only one with this in mind: how long until a car flips over the barrier separating cars and cyclists/peds? *shudder*

    a recent late night/early AM crash sent a car down into riverside park near 74th street:

    there was another crash that sent a car into the hudson RIVER just north of the 94th access path that leads to the cherry wall stretch (i think it was near there . . . . where the fence remained broken for months/years). i can’t find the link to that story though.

  • James

    A similar collision took place last Friday on this same stretch, backing up traffic on the Henry Hudson/Saw Mill Parkway well into Yonkers. I say “collision” instead of accident because most of these calamities are the result of homicidal maniacs willfully abusing the privilege of utilizing a two ton vehicle in a dense, crowded metro area. The behavior that takes place on these roads on a daily basis makes one marvel that this doesn’t happen more often.

  • LN

    The DOT was there THE NEXT DAY repairing the guard rails even though similar guard rails damaged by a car crashing through it and plunging into the river in riverside park has had temporary fencing up for years.

    Another horrendous crash on WSD HWY was observed by us riding home last night at around 90th street at around midnight. Firefighters from 3 trucks where ripping apart car trying to get he passengers out.


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