Today’s Headlines

  • Today’s Election: It’s All About Turnout (AMNY, NY1)
  • Transit, Bike Lanes on Voters’ Minds in Port Richmond, SI (NYT)
  • Time for Feds to Step Up and Protect Transit Riders From Wall Street Deals Gone Sour (NYT)
  • Off-Duty NYPD Detective Had Sky High BAC When He Killed 67-Year-Old Drana Nikac (NY1)
  • Ray Kelly Looks to Accelerate Blood Sampling in Suspected DWIs (City Room, AP)
  • Cabs Collide in East Village, Injuring Six (Post)
  • SF Saddled With Bike Injunction for at Least 10 More Days (Streetsblog SF)
  • State DOT Commits to $400M Kosciuszko Bridge Replacement — That’s Just the First Phase (News)
  • GOP City Council Candidate Hopes to Ride "Free Parking" Platform to Victory (Gothamist)
  • Grand Central Has 10 New Ticket Machines to Handle Peak Loads (City Room)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Re: the transit off the books debt deals. There are so many “suck up money up front, don’t worry about what happens later” deals out there. I have an easier solution. BANKRUPTCY. It’s coming anyway.

    Let’s divest the vested interests, and force them to sit at the same table with those who weren’t in on the deals to start with: riders, taxpayers, younger and future workers, younger generations in general.

  • Glenn

    Port Richmond could be a great transportation hub for Staten Island.

    It sits right next to the Bayonne Bridge, would could easily link to the light rail station in New Jersey just across the water. That links it to Jersey City, Newark and Manhattan without the ferry. I know they started running a bus across the Bridge, but not sure if that experiment worked or not.

    But the key would be restoring the North Shore Railroad along the waterfront, connecting the SI Ferry to residential areas on the North Shore and the Rapid Transit Line along the East Shore.

  • vnm

    Glenn, it worked. The S89 bus connecting Staten Island with the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail is the only New York City Transit service to cross state lines.

  • Glenn

    Answering my own question

    You can get from Port Richmond to Bayonne now in 15 min and then another 20 minutes to Exchange Place (major employment area) and then a 10 minute PATH train into Manhattan to WTC or 33rd Street.

    That’s much better than 30min bus ride to ferry, 30 minutes on Ferry. It’s really ideal for people that work in Jersey City.

  • Glenn

    VNM – do you know what the ridership is?

    Pretty cool experiment IMO

  • Car Free Nation

    Just voted the complete streets ticket… Bloomberg and ADB (Anybody but De Blasio) I know I wasted my vote, but I can’t support anyone who voted against congestion pricing.

    I’m sure ADB won’t win, but if De Blasio is listening, he’d better start advocating for the car free among us…

  • Glenn

    I was surprised to see Aborn on the Ballot.

    What did people think of the propositions?

  • The California doctor who intentionally assaulted two cyclists with his car has been convicted. See LA Times via Carfree USA. The criminal charges included assault with a deadly weapon, demonstrating that under the law, a car can in fact be considered a deadly weapon.

  • Ian Turner


    Prop #1 is a dodgy deal but a reasonable amendment. Prop #2 is a shocking affront to the integrity of our criminal justice system.

    A bit more here.



  • Brooklyn

    I came upon this scene this morning:

    The incident probably happened before sunrise — while riding laps around Prospect Park, I noticed two choppers hovering nearby, unusual. Flatbush Avenue is predictably a raceway at this hour.

    By the time I rode by at 7:45a, police had entirely closed Flatbush Avenue northbound from the intersection of St. Marks, and were allowing southbound traffic only one vehicle at a time.

  • JSD


    The North Shore Railway would be be a huge development for Staten Island. But all we ever seem to get out of BP Molinaro and the Mayor is another multi million dollar study. The Home Port remains undeveloped, the National Lighthouse Museum is a shameful fiasco, there is no ferry from the South Shore, and the waterfront in fenced and gated off at every turn. I lay the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of the Molinaro.

    He is a member of the old political school and I am praying he is voted out of office.

    Luisi got my vote, and depending on North Shore turnout, could take the election.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli


    Fat chance for Mr. Luisi. Perhaps if there was a fare on the SI Ferry we could afford a South Shore equivalent. Perhaps if there was some up-zoning on the Rock the rest of us could afford to pay for more of your MTA service. Perhaps if there was more of a political contest over there the rest of NYC would care what happened. Enjoy the driveways though.

  • JSD

    Why so hostile Niccolo?

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    I had a tolerancectomy and a hostility transplant. I’m undergoing cynicism therapy. Got a real good dose today when a friend pointed out that the SEPTA strike was postponed for the World Series in the public interest but then executed for Election Day. That will really bring out the pro-Labor vote. I’m feeling better already.