Love Broadway’s Car-Free Spaces? Take the DOT Survey

3565502232_953496e3b9.jpgTell DOT you prefer the safer, saner Times Square. Photo: nickdigital/Flickr

DOT is gathering feedback on its "Green Light for Midtown" projects, which include new car-free spaces on Broadway at Times Square and Herald Square, along with new bike infrastructure near Columbus Circle. If you weren’t able to attend the recent public input sessions, the online survey is here. It takes about five minutes to complete.

If you’re enjoying these new public spaces, and don’t want to see Times Square return to the state pictured above, now’s a good time to say so.

  • I went to the DOT’s public input session on Monday night in part because I figured half of the attendees would be pro-car people (and organizations) saying “this is killing us!” There was no one like that; everyone there whom I observed seemed to see these changes as “improvements,” and had only constructive criticism.

  • Did the survey. Easy. Don’t think it even took three minutes.

  • steve

    nothing wrong with bike lanes and street closures, but they minor steps in the right direction and are NOT solutions to our overall transit problems..and i get tired of it being presented that way

    so yes, mike bloomberg, take control of NYCT and fix it, expand it, improve it…then i’ll be impressed

  • fdr

    No way is Mike Bloomberg going to take control of NYCT. After the election it will be back to “Not my fault, it’s a State agency.”

  • Just did the survey too. Quick and easy.

  • A lot more simpler than the DOT’s BRT Survey lol


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