Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Capital Plan Will Turn Into a Debt Disaster Without New Revenues (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Campaigning in Chinatown, Thompson Says He’ll Rip Out Grand Street Bike Lane (NY1)
  • That New Bike Lane on Allen Street? It’s Like a New Parking Lot for NYPD (Gothamist)
  • Report: Spend HSR Money Where the Most People Would Use It (Observer)
  • ESDC Approves Latest Version of Atlantic Yards (WNYC, Post)
  • Teenager in Critical Condition After Being Struck By City Bus in Flushing (NY1)
  • Loss of Subway Station Agents Has Some NYers Worried (News)
  • If Only Jeff Dinowitz Devoted This Much Personal Attention to Traffic Violence (Riverdale Press)
  • Let’s Balance the State Budget on the Backs of Bureaucrats and Their Car Perks (Politicker)
  • India’s "Ladies Special" Train Service a Respite From Harassment By Male Commuters (NYT)

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  • SC

    I have my issues with Bloomberg, but Bill Thompson’s running a very effective Re-Elect Bloomberg campaign.

  • Glenn

    Similar to police officers parking their cars in bike lanes, I feel like every other police car driver I see is yacking on their cell phone with one hand pressed against their ear and only one hand on the wheel.

    Can we please have Ray Kelly make a specific statement or memo to all precinct captains that police officers need to lead by example? There are not two sets of rules in a civil society.

  • > There are not two sets of rules in a civil society.

    Why do people keep saying this when it’s patently obvious that there are?

  • Adam

    In the NY1 article, who is this Transportation Commissioner Patti Harris?

    It sounds like they meant Ms. Sadik-Khan.

  • Josh

    You know, I was as irked as anyone by the way Bloomberg became eligible for a third term, but if Thompson is our alternative, FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!

  • Thompson’s such a jerk. I email his campaign asking for some explanation of his statement “I support bike lanes, but….” All I got in return was email asking for a donation.

    One would think the Mayor of New York City would have better things to do than review each and every bike lane.

  • er

    Maybe I missed this being discussed earlier, but are there any studies or surveys being done of the businesses along the Grand Street bike lane? I find it hard to believe that the bike lane is hurting businesses, and I think it would be wonderful to have a great big pile of evidence showing its benefits. Also numbers on safety/injuries along the street…

  • Glenn

    I always tell politicians that I never listen to anything they say before the word “but”. Usually they lead with the “I support all good things” and then qualify with “But I need to pander to a narrowminded constituencies to satisfy them over the general public”