Today’s Headlines — NYC Primaries Edition

Meet a few of your (highly probable) new City Council members:

…and Tony Avella was no match for Bill Thompson. More headlines to come.

  • Glenn

    Dromm looks like vast improvement over Sears- although he’s not 100% for congestion pricing

  • Geck

    Does Levin have any record or has he made any statement on livable streets issues?

  • Girolamo

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Avella.

  • In my favorite piece of poetic justice, Tony Avella not only went down in flames, but the man who once demagogued against Asian immigrant business owners (whining that they didn’t include big enough English text on their signs) on the Lou Dobbs white-power-hour will be replaced by a Korean-American man who talks on his website about improving public transit in the district.

  • The most interesting thing I observed yesterday was the traffic nightmare on 7th Avenue in Park Slope. I spent a good 10 hours handing out campaign lit at the corner of 4th Street, and lost track early on of the number of illegal u-turns. That count, however, was only slightly higher than the number of cars that turned down 4th Street to encounter a garbage truck or school bus, the solution for which was to back up through the crosswalk, into busy 7th Avenue and roar off in some other direction.

    The most disappointing thing, though, was the cyclist who was running a red light on 7th Avenue and had to hit his brakes hard to avoid striking an older woman and her small dog, and the other cyclist riding on the sidewalk who nearly struck an elderly gentleman. In both cases, the cyclists showed not a trace of contrition, though both were clearly at fault. Not much help for our cause, I’m afraid.

  • You’re kidding right: Evergreen Chou?!?! Based on his description on the TA survey, he seemed to be the least qualified! Jeesh!