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  • Eileen

    From the Post article on the “murder” trial: “The accident, [the DA] added, was ‘a tragedy and a murder.'” Perhaps not the best wording for someone who is trying to get a conviction.

    And according to the earlier Streetsblog article, the charges against the driver were for manslaughter and negligent homicide — were they changed to murder at some point or does NY law actually consider all homicides a form of murder?

  • It’s a tired thing to say, but seriously, WHAT is with Morgenthau’s DA’s office?

    They charge a guy with some homicide charge (not clear exactly which, as Eileen points out)–and apparently what makes them decide it’s homicide is the idea that two weeks before the incident, the driver stopped taking meds. But speeding that results in a death often results in no charges?

    Boy I hope the next DA really turns that BS around.

  • JSD

    Regarding “Biking to School”

    Judging by the erratic actions of school administration and the surprising number of commenting posts that seemingly agree with them, I’d say that it is safe to assume that a large proportion of the population is operating on seriously screwed up priorities.

    Modern day middle America is more averse to change today that at any other point in the last 30 years. They detest the status quo and they detest the people trying to change it. They openly flout the law each and every day, while demonizing any sort of civil disobedience toward a more progressive end.

    School administration doesn’t want our children biking to school. That sentence alone is terrifying, sad, and says a lot about what we value as a society.

  • mel

    re: Arbitrator Undercuts NYCT Cost-Saving in Queens

    this is a great example of why America hates unions

    go ahead, defend it

  • Josh

    “Modern day middle America is more averse to change today that at any other point in the last 30 years.”

    Let’s not label people unnecessarily. Bear in mind that plenty of these situations we see about walking/biking to school are in NY or NJ.

  • Boris

    Pedro Espada is a minor Latin American dictator, complete with cult of personality and Marxist tendencies. Like most dictators he is concerned first and foremost with maintaining his grip on power while pretending to care for cheap populist issues.

  • Pedro Espada is a minor Latin American dictator

    And Joe Bruno is like Berlusconi, Malcolm Smith like Robert Mugabe, and Shelly Silver like Ariel Sharon? Maybe we should just say that the State government is like a corrupt third-world country of indeterminate ethnicity and leave it at that.

  • By the way, in my comment above I wasn’t suggesting that homicide charges in the Herald Square fatalities were not warranted. Just pointing out the strange inconsistency.