Election Predictions and Returns: Discuss!

Despite the number of important races to be decided today, signs point to an abysmally low voter turnout. Like many who have reported in, when I voted at around 2:00 this afternoon there was no wait time at my polling place, Good Shepherd Church on Cooper Street in Inwood.

Of course, a low turnout makes each vote that much more valuable. So if you haven’t cast your ballot yet, don’t pass up this opportunity to help a pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly candidate to victory.

The polls are open until 9 p.m. File your comments here as the results come in.

Any predictions in the meantime?

  • Josh

    I’ll be stopping at my polling place in Brooklyn on my way home from work in an hour or so; disappointed (but not really surprised) to hear about low voter turnout.

  • Mike

    Any recommended websites for watching the returns?

  • Predictions: Yassky and Katz in runoff. Green and (surprise) Gioia in runoff. Leslie Crocker Smith wins for Manhattan Dist Attorney.

    Oh and a 12-12 tie in race for Democratic Nominee for Mayor.

  • NY1 has a ticker with only 0.7% of precincts reporting…so far.

    Bloomberg is about to speak

  • Clarence Eckerson

    Breaking News: Bloomberg won the Democratic Mayoral Primary!

  • So far looks like de Blasio/Green are close and Liu/Yassky are close. Cy Vance & Leslie C Snyder also close….with less than 5% voting

  • Looks like Gerson might might lose to Margaret Chin

  • kate

    Looks like John Liu has speechified his way to Comptroller. 39% of the vote and counting…

  • It was 38% for Liu and 30% for Yassky as of a couple minutes ago according to NY1, with close to 98% reporting. Less than 40% requires a runoff, so that one’s not over yet.

  • I think Yassky will clean up a lot of the other two candidates votes.

    Both PA and Comp races will be pretty intense the next two weeks – we need to get out in front tomorrow and start calling/writing each candidate and get them to support livable streets issues.

  • And while Aborn might have been a marginally preferred candidate for DA, check out Cy Vance’s Vehicular and Pedestrian Safety platform…


    That’s real change coming to Manhattan’s streets if he actually implements it.


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