Strange Twist in Protracted Ordeal of Arrested Queens Pedestrian

Queens resident Gerald Beekman (an alias we’re using at his request), arrested in May after twice being nearly run down by an irate driver in Long Island City, had his first court appearance last month. The case was held over until October, as District Attorney Richard A. Brown’s office did not yet have a supporting deposition from the alleged victim, who told police at the 108th Precinct that Beekman damaged the car he was driving. Beekman was charged with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor that carries a sentence of up to 12 months in jail.

According to a spokesperson with Brown’s office, the case has yet to be assigned to a prosecutor. Oddly, though the driver was male, and Beekman saw no one else in the car, Streetsblog has learned that the complainant is identified as Toya Robinson — presumably a woman, and possibly the car’s owner.

Like Ray Bengen, the Manhattan cyclist assaulted in June by an SUV-wielding hothead, Beekman continues to live under a cloud of severe legal and personal repercussions, all for doing nothing more than attempting to navigate a city street unharmed. NYPD, meanwhile, continues to threaten others waylaid by motorists with a similar fate should they dare to seek justice.

  • a cyclist

    just got back from montreal and they have us beat w/ a great bike sharing program and protected feasible bike lanes everywhere

  • Eric

    I think they are stalling like with Ray Bengen, the DA’s office knows that this is something that never should have happened. They are trying to postpone any trial in the hopes that the complainant will drop the charges or not follow the procedures so it will drop due to administrative reasons. I can’t even begin to think how much ill will the DA’s office will get from a judge who gets this case and feels their time is being wasted.

  • Ian Turner


    I’m inclined to agree, but it’s worthwhile to note that (a) the DA always has the option to drop the case, pleading lack of resources, and (b) the case against Ray Bengan’s antagonist, Gus Gonzales, is also stuck on hold.



  • Josh

    “Beekman continues to live under a cloud of severe legal and personal repercussions, all for doing nothing more than attempting to navigate a city street unharmed.”

    And for lecturing the driver. We can’t change facts just because it suits us.

  • > And for lecturing the driver.

    This isn’t illegal, and therefore isn’t a pertinent fact, and therefore is fairly omitted.

  • mostwanted



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