Happy Labor Day Weekend

With summer winding down, we can expect to see a big push ahead of the September 15 primaries. Hope the long weekend leaves you refreshed and ready.

If you need inspiration, click over to nycbikemaps’ YouTube channel for more videos like this one, showcasing some of what livable streets advocates have helped achieve as of late, and what many free riders and their elected enablers would love to take away.

See you Tuesday and feel free to use the comments section as an election week open thread. Who do you think are the best candidates when it comes to livable streets and a sustainable city?

  • Ahh… NYC Bike Lanes

    Jogger at :28

    Salmon at 1:17, 1:43

    Shoppers/Pedestrians at 1:30, 1:37, 1:44, 1:52

    To be fair; the sidewalk is quite small, most people yielded or got out of the way with no hassle and at least he didn’t have to worry about being hit by a door.

    BTW How long do you think that green paint is going to last?

  • Marty Barfowitz

    Ahh… Grand Street. Intense stink of rotting fish at 1:32.

  • Grand Street smells mildly of rotting fish 90% of the time, and overpoweringly of rotting fish 10% of the time. But I call it character, I guess since I’m mostly only passing through.

  • Despite abuse and apparent lack of use of this bike lane, it is a critical piece of the network and I used it several times in august for trips to Brooklyn with my kids. After experiencing a few minor or almost-collisions and a lot of nasty commentary, I have concluded that it is just too unpleasant to take my kids on the Brooklyn Bridge because of the pedestrian tourists and the aggressive and impatient adult bicyclists. This Grand Street lane allows us to use the Williamsburg Bridge instead. The one serious problem with this lane is access from the West Side bike path. Varick is just too heavily trafficked and dangerous for most bicyclists who would be seeking to access the separated path on Grand.

  • I use the Grand Street bike lane to access the Manhattan Bridge, or the Allen Street and Pike Street bike lanes when I do a food run to Pathmark.

    This weekend the smell of rotting fish was nearly enough to knock me off my bike! How can merchants and local residents allow this to continue and yet complain about anything else? They should be glad to have a bike lane so that when their customers faint from the stench they don’t fall into moving traffic!!

  • John Revolta

    This video is dishonest.

    Note that when the red lights are ignored and the law broken, the scene is deleted.

    Have you no shame? Do you think people don’t know?


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