Today’s Headlines

  • Parents of Michael Needham, Jr. Sue City for Failing to Install Speed Bump (News)
  • TWU: Bloomberg OK’d 4 Percent Annual Raises (NYT, News, Post)
  • Appeals Court Blocks Ravitch From Serving as Lt. Gov (City Room, News)
  • Sadik-Khan at Bixi Demo: NYC ‘Doing a Complete Evaluation’ of Bike-Share (NYFI)
  • NYPD Goes on One-Day Distracted Driving Crackdown (CBS)
  • News Reporter Repents — In Print, at Least — For Txting-While-Driving
  • Parking Enforcement Gives Bronx Drivers Persecution Complex (Riverdale Press)
  • Another Gem of Urbanism Rises on Brooklyn’s Fourth Avenue (Brownstoner)
  • Georgia Road Expansions Feast on Stim Cash as State DOT Starves Rail Projects (AJC)
  • Florida DOT Has a Cars-Only Fixation Too (Transit Miami via
  • Subsidizing Car Purchases: Smart or Dumb? Kossacks Weigh In

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  • Larry Littlefield

    That is the second reporter with a mea cupla about texting while driving I’ve read about in the past week or two (don’t remember if I posted a link).

    This is clearly out of hand.

  • Yeah, so here’s the reason drivers can shut up about “ticketing blitzes:” the biggest thing a ticketing blitz indicates is how for so much of the year the poor dears DON’T face any consequences for breaking laws. Boo hoo.