Eyes on the Street: NYPD Meets Bx12 Riders Halfway


It’s pretty sad when a bus lane-blocking truck with a ticket on the windshield is news. Yet here we are. This one was spotted during the Wednesday evening rush in the Bx12 Select Bus lane on 207th Street in Inwood. The driver was nowhere in sight.


Neither was the agent who presumably issued the violation, parked a couple of blocks east.

  • Did you check the ticket? Delivery vans often have several tickets lodged on them from throughout the day; it could have been for anything. While I’d like to believe they were ticketed for this, it seems incredibly unlikely…

  • s

    And some delivery vans and trucks hold onto old tickets and put them on their windshield so as to potentially ward off getting new ones.

  • Paul

    Tickets don’t phase delivery companies. As someone from one of these companies told me, they consider them part of the expense to run their business.

  • And the NYC Department of Finance’s program to forgive fines to repeat offenders only encourages that “cost of doing business” mentality (read about it int he post and comments here.

  • David Soto

    At least you’re reporting it. Good job!

  • Are NYPD vehicles allowed to park in bus lanes/bus stops without anyone in them?

  • zgori

    I walked by as a UPS truck was being towed out of the bus lane on second avenue (in the 60s) during p.m. rush hour a few months ago. I told the driver, who was walking around the corner with his dolly, that his truck was being towed. His response: “Ehn, happens every week or two.” I think the only people who care are likely those further down his route who were expecting timely deliveries.


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