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  • RE: Downtown BID Wants to Turn Two Lanes of Edgar Street Into Pedestrian Space

    Curious. The space is pleasant enough, if you don’t look around it and see the giant parking garage, the tunnel entrance, and the back door of Friday’s.

  • TKO

    Walder’s compensation package is so high at the same time they raise fares and start laying off workers. Why does he not have to belt tighten like the union folk? Management’s idea of saving money is for them to get more and all of us less!

  • TKO

    Just took a look at google street maps of Edgar Place. The car must have been sprinting down Trinity Place as it shot the images. Everything is blurry! Lots of concrete down there.

  • TKO: “Walder’s compensation package is so high…”

    Compared to what?

    Perhaps you’d like to contrast it with what other transit-agency heads, airline CEOs, etc. Otherwise, all I see here is an unsupported assertion.

  • Lets save some money by hiring idiots!

    It’s really weird that it’s become okay to express ones populist outrage by railing against paying qualified people to do difficult jobs. If someone has some evidence that Jay Walder is getting a big bonus or salary because he’s anything other than a very well qualified public servant with years of managerial experience I haven’t heard it.

    For reference:

    Delta Airlines CEO Gerald Grinstein – $450,000
    Southwest Airlines CEO Gary C Kelly – $610,000
    United Airlines CEO Glenn F Tilton – $1,120,000
    Northwest Airlines CEO Douglas M Steenland – $1,460,000
    Capital One Financial CEO Richard D Fairbank – $249,420,000

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Doesn’t really matter Dan. Same people beat up Sander for his salary and increase. And when he gave up a scheduled salary improvement they fired him any way. Let the rail fans run the system for fun, like Steamtown.