Kalashnikovs for Clunkers: The Next Stimulus Plan


In case you don’t qualify for the federal Cash-for-Clunkers rebate program, Mark Muller of Max Motors in Butler, Missouri, has an offer you might want to consider: get a free AK-47 with a new truck.

The dealer, whose motto is "God, Guns, Guts and American Pick-Up Trucks," one-upped himself from last year’s offer of pistols or petrol, and said that sales have doubled since the promotion started. He also had some choice social commentary in various interviews:

  • "There’s a bunch of evil in the world and people need to protect themselves."
  • "I’d personally like to have a sporting chance, instead of just becoming a victim."
  • "Without guns, we are subjects. With guns, we are citizens."
  • "The only 911 call I need is chamberering a round."

Fortunately you can’t just walk out of Max Motors with an AK; Muller provides you with a voucher for $450 redeemable at a local gun dealer, where you still have to go through a background check. Maybe I haven’t been to a gun show in a while, but doesn’t that seem like a lot of gun for so little coin?

No matter your moral leanings, you have to admit Muller’s plan is ingenious marketing, given that, outside of iPhones, guns are about the only thing selling well in this economy under this presidency. He has even given interviews to Al Jazeera, and Russia Today.

Two of the more entertaining interviews after the jump:

  • What does this have to do with the stated objectives of this blog? Or is the mission changing to make it Livable Streets + guns are bad?

  • As I realized last weekend, gunfire and livable streets don’t mix. Neighborhood residents lying down on the floor out of the way of stray bullets aren’t taking part in lively streetscapes.

  • Awesome gimmick, way better than the two-for-one pickup trucks of late last year. I wonder if they’ll demographically profile car buyers, and sell them the appropriate gun; say, a 9mm Glock to a Saab buyer, or Berettas for Chrysler-Fiat customers.

  • Russia today is in the habit of looking for stories that make the United States look out-of-control and Russia look influential. So a situation where Americans are doing something silly with a Russian product appeals greatly to the producers of RT. Let’s not give that propaganda mill any more attention.

  • Guy at Kiosk

    IMHO, driving big trucks for everyday use (as opposed to legitimate use for carrying gear) is rooted in fear and mistrust (of other vehicles, of “socialist” imposed CAFE standards), as is the desire to carry big guns for protection, so the parallel is not coincidental.

    IIRC, “come in get a …” is a time-honored come-on in the car business. Used to be color TVs, when those were coveted. Usually, there are some strings attached and no one actually goes home with the item.

    I find in odd that they chose a foreign gun as a come-on to buy American trucks.

  • Shemp

    Why American pick-ups but not American-made guns?

  • The truck is more dangerous than the gun.

  • The truck is more dangerous than the gun.

    As both a gun user and a truck user, I would respectfully disagree. It’s pretty difficult to run yourself over with your own truck, but very easy to shoot yourself with your own rifle.

  • Welcome to America!

  • Mark is on the cover of my book about American gun culture called God, Guns & Guts http://godgunsgutsbook.com. He also stars in a reality show I helped create coming to television sets everywhere very soon!


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