Today’s Headlines

  • Congress Tempted to Intervene in GM, Chrysler Affairs and Keep Car Dealers Afloat (NYT)
  • Energy Dept: The Era of Cheap Oil Is Over (Grist)
  • Chatham Square Safety Improvements on Hold For Now (Villager)
  • No One Is Enforcing NYC’s Pedicab Safety Rules (NYT)
  • City Council Pols Want Traffic Agents to Take a Picture for Every Parking Summons (Post)
  • MTA Has Quietly Been Running Automated Trains on the L Line 24-7 (News)
  • News Profiles NYC Latino Orgs Working for Enviro Justice, Green Transportation and Housing
  • The Takeaway Has a Lot of Good Segments From the CNU 17 Conference in Denver 
  • More People Ride the Bus When Bus Service Improves (Yglesias)
  • New Yorkers Talk Subway Etiquette With Brian Lehrer (WNYC)
  • The last link to the WNYC clip goes to a New York Times article. I think you wanted this link. Coincidentally, I’ve written two posts about subway etiquette in the past week with an assist from Beliefnet. Neither of those were mentioned on the Lehrer show, and I know his producers read my site. Oh well.

  • Glenn

    I think the opposite of Simcha Felder – If we could use photos to make tickets stick better all the more reason to use new technology. I say take the picture first, then give the ticket, especially if there is a driver in the car. maybe take pictures of the motorist yelling at the agent too…video & audio would be awesome and could be used to prove verbal assaults on ticket agents.

    Of course the photos should just be extra evidence since photos will only come out good in certain lighting conditions. The agent’s eyewitness account is the primary evidence.

  • It doesn’t really take all that long to snap a digital picture, and with some good design the picture and the ticket could be done by a single device.

  • J. Mork

    Photo evidence for every ticket sounds fine to me.

    If the NYPD is concerned about the cost of the equipment, perhaps we can just raise the fines to pay for it.

    It’s a win/win. Motorists get some assurance that their tickets are legit and the rest of us get more reliable enforcement of the law.