Streetfilms: Queens Boulevard Bike Pool

On the second Friday of the month, the Transportation Alternatives Queens
Committee leads a bike pool along Queens Boulevard. This street is a
critical yet dangerous part of many Queens bike commutes. By riding in a group each month, pool members aim to educate drivers
that bikes are on the street, make a statement about the need for a
bike lane, and give the borough’s bike commuters a safe ride

I joined up with the ride last month. The next bike pool is tomorrow — Friday, June 12.

  • Nice… I missed the last few, but see y’all tomorrow.

  • cr

    If you’re wearing a vest that states “share the road” should you be using expressions like “getting the upper-hand on the road”?

  • BB

    A catch 22. Motorists want storage and want to have travel lanes. No room for bikes. Get out of the door zone.

  • I had a bit of an incident on Queens Blvd tonight. I was passing a taxi that was stopped to drop off and he started pulling out. I swerved and yelled “Hey hold on”. I thought that was the end of it. But then when he was passing me he slowed right down and swerved into my path a couple of times while yelling something at me. Then when he had finished passing me, he pulled in fromt of me and slammed on his brakes… At this point I started getting angry and made some kind of gesture, I’m not sure what, but it was probably a friendly wave! I came alongside the guy when he was stopped at a light and he rolled down his window and started yelling about it not being a cycle path and I should “get off the fucking road”. I pointed out that I had as much right as him to be there, probably more since I actually knew what I was doing, but I don’t think it registered…

    I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I had to stop for a few mins because the adrenaline was flowing and I was shaking a bit. I’ve always been aware how big and solid those buggers are, but when he was alongside me and swerving into my path, it became brutally obvious just how easily he could run me down by swerving a little too much, or braking a little too late…

    Aaaaanyway…. Hopefully there won’t be any more drama until next week, at least!

  • If you’re going to get in any confrontation with a cab who’s actually in your lane and being a dick, you need to be willing to actually hit him.

    IANAL – You colliding with him while he’s in front of you in renders it his fault legally, and probably won’t hurt you at all in the process. Other people will see it.

    If you’re an experienced cyclist, and it sounds like you are, then you should find it easy to squeeze your front brake hard, and then lightly tap the rear brake to start a skid. Do this toward your favored side (lefties to the left) with your good foot aimed out to catch his metal, and you’ll neatly come to an upright stop, braced by your foot, slammed up against the car.

    Spectacular when it works, easy to pull off if you’re good at controlled skids, and shifts all the legal blame immediately to the driver of the car. There should be a very loud thump, commanding the attention of all passersby.

    That’s when you start yelling at him.

    Remember, don’t curse him if there’s children around!

  • 6pm @ the bridge?


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