The Cyclist Wins Again


Cyclist Rachael Myers, a librarian from the Bronx, won Transportation Alternatives’ 8th Annual Great NYC Commuter Race this morning, taking 20 minutes and 15 seconds to cover the 4.2 mile route between Aubergine Café in Sunnyside, Queens and Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Transit rider Dan Hendrick (35:16) finished second, with taxi rider Willie Thompson (47:11) bringing up the rear.

"As soon as I saw all the traffic backed up on the Queensboro Bridge, I
knew this wasn’t going to be a fair fight," boasted Myers, who rode her
Iro bicycle to victory. "I actually was able to finish a cup of coffee
before anyone else made it to the finish line."

"I ride the subway to work from Sunnyside every day, and I’m a die-hard
transit rider," said Dan Hendrick of the New York League of
Conservation Voters, who took the 7 and 1 trains. "Still, I’m trying to
wrap my brain around what I would do with an extra 15 minutes every

"Anytime I’m in a hurry, I take a cab thinking it’ll get me there the
fastest. I can’t believe I lost by 27 minutes today," said Willie
Thompson, a marketing specialist who took a yellow cab.

Congratulations to Rachael (who, unlike last year’s winner, didn’t have to compete against the currently vacationing Bike Snob).

  • anonymous


  • Woo, Rachael! And I knew you when (ok, just since yesterday evening, but I was pretty sure you would and could pull this off). Nice pedaling.

  • I love librarians from the Bronx named Rachel.

  • Yet again, the bicycle is faster… and probably the most fun too.

    If you really want to be shocked, try adding in the time it took to work for the money to pay for the mode of transport – all costs associated.

  • The IRO is a seriously fast bike. I love mine so much I took it to Iraq with me. Go Rachel!

  • benbo

    awww. thanks streetsblog. I’ll try to leave mean comments on here anymore.

  • Congratulations! A commuter race is an excellent idea that we should try organize in Sweden too.
    Here some cities are running campaigns for cycling by handing out cinnamon buns to those who cycle to work. Read more at

  • if the race was to Times Square, the subway would have probably won

    (party pooper)

  • They need to commute in from the Bronx next time.

  • Mark L

    Also not to party poop, but if I saved 15 minutes off of my subway commute by biking, those 15 minutes would be spent in a gym showering.

  • Stephen

    Mark L: That’s not a party poop at all – it means you got in a workout you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. Congratulations – you just saved yourself from having to go to the gym! (Or if you don’t go to the gym, you just got your workout for free. Congrats.)


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