Cycling Still Offers Quickest City Commute


To the surprise of no one — with the possible exception of Bike Snob NYC — bike commuter and social worker Jamie Favaro won Transportation Alternatives’ 7th Annual Great NYC Commuter Race this morning, completing the 4.5-mile route between Fort Greene and Union Square in 16.5 minutes. Driver Emmanuel Fuentebella came in second at 22 minutes, and transit rider April Greene made the trip in 29 minutes. Writes T.A.:

According to 2000 Census figures, New Yorkers have the longest average
commute in the country, about 45 minutes. However, the average bicycle
commute in New York City only takes 30 minutes. And with 75% of driving
commutes in NYC under 5 miles (the distance of today’s challenge), there
is great potential to shift driving trips to bicycling.

Congratulations to Jamie. Stay tuned for full coverage of the race from Streetfilms.

Photo: Transportation Alternatives