Eyes on the Street: Yarn by the Meter


The Montague Street Business Improvement District along with DOT’s Urban Art Program today unveiled the "69 Meters" public art project. Hand-knitted cozies will adorn all the street’s parking meters through mid-June. Says the BID:

69 Meters is a collaboration between [textile artist Magda] Sayeg -– the founder of Knitta Please, the guerilla knitting collective -– and nearly 50 volunteer knitters. Artworks were created by dozens of Brooklyn residents and were also contributed by knitters as far away as San Francisco, Paris, and Santiago, Chile. All of the artists are women. 

BID Photographer Jonathan Hökklo snapped these photos. More after the jump.




  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    These are beautiful. I just got back in from a run that I purposely went on over to see them on Montague Street and of course – some dog owner was allowing their animal to pee on one of them.

  • And what progressive city spawned this brilliant, innovative, and charming livable streets innovation?

    Believe it or not, it was Houston, Texas!


  • ST

    great example of a low-cost, imaginative intervention with a big impact. nice work!

  • MarinaB

    I was happy and proud to be one of the knitters as well as installers. Did you all see the yellow one with a blue bicycle and the word “bike” on it? Magda actually took into account the dogs’ love of parking meters by asking us to the darker colors on the bottom.

  • mlo

    Several of the knitters were members of my Etsy street team, the {New New}. They’re awesome!

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