Doomsday Across America

Following up on Sarah’s post about transit funding woes in Illinois, this CNN segment from earlier in the month brings home the effect of service cuts and fare hikes in St. Louis. Similar scenarios are playing out all over the country. According to the latest tally from Transportation for America, 85 transit systems serving 22 million riders are facing some combination of shrinking service and higher fares.

Let’s not forget that House Democrats tried to include funds for transit
service in the stimulus bill
, but never received backing from the White House. Now we’re seeing millions of transit riders grappling with the consequences of that decision.

  • The rich get bailed out, and the poor get to pay. To add insult to injury, in the end it’ll mean more cars. America is in a sad state.

  • Yes, and don’t forget: more cars = more war. The U.S. carbon/auto/sprawl industry is putting all our eggs in one basket.

  • Exactly more cars! What better why to help bail out the Big Three then by forcing more Americans to buy cars.

    At least CNN is covering this issue is very stinging fashion.


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